Monoprice zwave plus door sensor P/N 24259

Anybody use these? Considering buying them. Trying to track down if there is a custom device handler as well. I found one in the community for the older zwave ones, but not these newer ones.

New one:

Old one?

I just bought a couple and they work fine. Hub idents as an open/close switch and responds correctly when operated. I’ve purchased several no-logo items from monoprice…never a problem.

If you have access to RBoy Apps, this should work fine with both these models:

Not sure about anyone else, but when I use this device handler, the open event reports as a close event. So it always shows as Closed. If I switch to the Z-wave Plus Door/Window sensor, it works correctly, but just displays the state and battery level.

Any ideas??

We’ll be releasing an specific device handler for this product

Fantastic, and thanks for quick reply.

Is there a timeframe for 24259 handler? Honestly the only thing holding up the decision to move forward with the rboy sub.

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does the default Zwave Plus Door/Windows sensor DH work with the external screw terminals and execute locally?

No, that where custom handlers are required to enable manufacturer specific features.

See this post on how to enable the external sensor. Note the magnet needs to be attached after the external sensor is enabled.

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The 24259 is also supported now.

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good to know, thanks!

@Andrew_Hansen Just so you know… FlorianZ had done a lot of monoprice device handlers a long time ago, that should still be out there somewhere. If you can’t find them let me know i have them somewhere. I don’t know if they work w/ the newer models but I don’t think it should be an issue.

Hi - Do i require your handler to resolve the battery draining to zero in a two day timeframe on the Monoprice Zwave plus door sensor or did i receive a defective sensor?

Most likely it’s a defective battery

Ivr replaced two sets, two different manufacture (batteries that came with
unit & Duracell) there have been other comments on Amazon feedback where
others have had similar issues. Can you send a functioning replacement.


You should contact the Manufacturer (monoprice) for a replacement of a defective unit

Thanks, i thought that was who i contacted. I’ll try again.

Does your version to replace The “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor” work with STSamCon? Reporting proper status to it? the stock Zwave plus DTH for the monoprice one works fine with Classic but doesn’t report status to SamCon.