Low voltage switch to turn off water sensor probe

I am using an Aeotec Water Sensor 6 with the dock, so I have two sensors attached to it. I have one sensor in a drain at the entrance to my garage and one at the back end. I have a physical switch attached to each probe so that I can turn one or the other or both off since they alert rather often and I just want to be able to monitor if the drains are doing their job. What i am after is a Zwave switch to replace the toggle switches. Any suggestions?

What does the toggle switch look like? There are some battery operated smart switch covers that can fit over an existing dumb switch and physically move it, so then the voltage doesn’t matter.

Otherwise, what’s the specific voltage?

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Are you looking to read the switch status from an external wire using a z-wave device, if so then you may want to look at the Monoprice 15270. If you’re looking for a z-wave device to control the low voltage switch then you may need dry contact relay. Not exactly clear on your setup here.

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It looks like its about 1.6 volts.

Would something like the Monoprice 136511 Z-Wave Plus RGBW Dimmer Controller Module work?

Aeotec support has corrected me. there is n o voltage its a dry contact switch.

Maybe the Zooz multirelay would work well for this?

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“Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiRelay ZEN16 with 3 Dry Contact Relays (20A, 1 - The Smartest House” https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/zooz-z-wave-plus-s2-multirelay-zen16-with-3-dry-contact-relays-20-a-15-a-15-a


You need a dry contact relay which is an automated version of your current manual switch. The Zooz relay @iridris mentions would be perfect since it has 3 dry contact relays in one box and much cheaper than buying multiple dry contact relays:


Thank you for all the ideas, I bought the ZEN16, I have a question into Zooz support to see if I will be able to tell which relay to shut off or will I have to shut both off. And since there are three I am going to add a sensor in another drain to determine if it is overflowing causing water to enter the second drain. Got to love water drainage problems…

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Confirming that the ZEN16 will do the job here. If you install the custom device handler, you’ll have individual control of all 3 relays so you’ll be able to shut each sensor off on demand. Thanks for the tag and mentione @iridris and @ritchierich!