[RELEASE] Initial Setup for Ecobee3 & 4, Smart-SI, EMS, Smart-02 thermostats - My Ecobee Device

Hi @slagle,@ben,

As I said in the last developer call, there seems to be more connection and timeout issues related to cloud-to-cloud integration than never before,and things are not improving…

  • Before all the changes to the Devconn platform related to HubV2, my (personal) connection with ecobee was very stable, but since the beginning of the year, there are a lot of ups and downs…

I personally have to reconnect to ecobee and re-authorize every month or so (sometimes twice a month).

I did report some connection issues myself quite a long time ago (linked to the security certificate amongs others), and here what ST support responded at that time:

Chris Porter (SmartThings)
Jun 30, 6:02 PM

Hi Yves,

Thanks for letting us know what you are seeing. My developers have been aware of this happening for a little while now also, and have worked on it. I will let them know your thoughts about it being the security timestamp being outdated.

I don’t have an ETA around implementing a revision to the code, but developers do currently know it is not working consistently for users, and are addressing it.

Thanks for the heads up, and the suggestions.

-Chris P.
SmartThings Support

  • Other users (especially with ecobee3’s remote sensors) have more frequent connection issues (every 6-12 hours) like jarettp’s previous post.

So, my question to SmartThings are the following:

(1)- What is being done for stabilizing cloud-to-cloud connections as any related integration is usually more complex and requires more execution time, (and typically hits the rate limiting constraints)?

(2)- Are those issues related to connection pool management, security certificates, or others?

(3)- Do you have any plan to correct the frequent cloud-to-cloud connection issues with devices such as ecobee, TCP Hub, and others?

(4)- For cloud-to-cloud integration, developers need more control over the http timeouts and rate limiting constraints… Is there a plan to let developers have more control over the parameters that can affect their cloud-to-cloud device’s behaviour?

  • Ecobee is very sensitive to the connection issues as it requires to refresh the authorization token every hour: if there is frequent http timeouts (which are set to 10 sec. by default), then, the cloud-to-cloud connection is lost and ecobee requires to re-authorize again.

Similar issues with other devices, refer to


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P.S. I will personally hold on any new device handlers development that requires cloud-to-cloud integration as long as the connection issues are not solved as this is becoming a support burden for me.

The ST development environment is open (which is good), but this openness is not an asset if it does not provide secure and stable connections/integration with the different solution partners.

Any ST input about those connection issues is welcome at this point!