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Losing comunication with Wemo Switch

(Francisco Blanco) #1

I have a Smartthings hub in the latest firmware version. Every 4 or 5 days It loses communication with my Wemo Switch. Every time this happens, I need to go to Wemmo Connect app and deselect the switch, apply changes, select it again, and apply changes to get it working again.
I would like to fix this problem. Any suggestions?


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Does it lose connection with the native WeMo app as well, or just SmartThings?

(Keith Croshaw) #3

I’ve heard lately that assigning them static ip addresses solves a lot of issues. Do you know how to do that with your router @Francisco_Blanco?

I’m planning on doing it someday soon.

(Francisco Blanco) #4

Wemo app continues working fine.

(Francisco Blanco) #5

I’ll try with static IP. Thanks for the sugestion

(Sam) #6

@keithcroshaw Do you mean to setup a DHCP reserved IP based on mac address? If so, I’m curious how this really helps the issue since the IP address is still acquired by DHCP. I understand DHCP leases don’t necessarily change IP addresses unless the node has been offline for a while and the lease expired. I’ll give it a try anyway with my Wemo Switches, however I believe [today] there is another issue on SmartThing’s side. Support said the engineers are now aware and working on it… specifically the inability to add new Wemo switches today.

(Keith Croshaw) #7

I saw some people say they had luck doing that. I tried but too found out that there was no way to assign ip addresses manually. At least without 3rd party apps.

(Sam) #8

Update: my Wemo switches now work! I don’t have confirmation if the issue was truly fixed on their side or not, but suddenly the app discovered and happily added my switches. Yes, they toggle on/off, hence they now work. :smile: Thanks, Support!

(Keith Croshaw) #9

The question isn’t really is it fixed, it’s how long will it stay fixed…

(Jason Hearne) #10

Just heard from Support. They have an updated Wemo App. I posted the instructions from support on how to update.