Philips Hue bulbs no longer working and getting NoAvailableHostsException

So I’ve had the Philps Hue bulbs working since inception (2 weeks ago or so :), and suddenly they’ve stopped working.

When I click on them in the mobile app, they don’t respond. Yet when I use the official Phillips Hue app, they respond fine.

I do notice this weird error in the logs

physicalgraph.exception.UncheckedException: NoAvailableHostsException:

Any suggestions?


Sounds like smart things has lost connection to the bridge. Best thing to do is to get in touch with support@smart Theyshould be able to help you figure out what’s going on.

If it’s during business hours, you can also use the chat line. Click on support at the top of this page, then click on troubleshooting, then you’ll see a tiny chat window down in the lower right corner of the screen.

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To the best of my knowledge, this is a Cassandra Database error (cloud database).

It means there’s either a temporary operational issue in the cloud (too many connections, too bus, …) or some bug that has caused a bad database query (e.g., accidentally selecting way too many records unbounded).

SmartThings ought to trap these errors and make them read more friendly, but Tech Support will help.


Go into the Hues app in smartthings and reconnect it to your hub. I just had to do this this morning. When I cam home last night none of them were on and I discovered Smartthings was no longer seeing the hub. A pain, but a simple fix. Now if it keeps doing this, then I’ll not be happy.


Turns out there was a big smartthings update yesterday behind the scenes to change the way the Phillips hue bridge address is recorded. This is probably what people ran into if they had a hue bridge problem in smartthings yesterday or today. Looks like it should only happen once, but if it doesn’t stay fixed after you rediscover, make sure you let support know.


Yes, things are working great now :slight_smile: Thanks all all the help/insights! = )