Wink Authorization to connect Quirky Pivot Power Genius

I’m having trouble connecting my Pivot Power Genius. I have everything set up and working properly in the Wink App. I received one error in setup when I entered my WIFI network password that that indicated that the device would not properly work on a WEP-encrypted network. This puzzled me because I have a WPA2-encrypted network. Anyway, the system let me proceed and everything works correctly in the Wink App. I then went to configure ST to find the switch. I went to the “add thing” selected switches and dimmers, found the Power Genius and selected the “connect now” and then “connect to quirky wink”. What comes back is the following: {“data”:
{“error”:invalid_request",“error_description”:Redirect URI is not authorized"},“errors”:
[“invalid_request: Redirect URI is not authorized”],“pagination”:
{},“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Redirect URI is not authorized”}. When I look at my logs, this is what displays. It sounds like a similar error was reported a few days ago in the community but under different circumstances.

e09be10a-b474-4f1a-bc94-0b8b8a2bb940 2:06:49 AM: debug In buildRedirectUrl
e09be10a-b474-4f1a-bc94-0b8b8a2bb940 2:06:49 AM: debug In oauthInitUrl
e09be10a-b474-4f1a-bc94-0b8b8a2bb940 2:06:49 AM: debug About to create access token.
e09be10a-b474-4f1a-bc94-0b8b8a2bb940 2:06:49 AM: debug In authPage

Any help would be appreciated.


Please send an email to with just the SmartThings info from your post. Meanwhile, I am looking into the issue.


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Getting the same thing. Will keep an eye on the tread to see if there is resolution. Thanks!

Is there any updates on this? I don’t see Quirky Power Genius in the list of supported devices, not do I see it in the ST Mobile app.

Is this integration dead?

@April, do you know anything about this?

This issue has been flag to us and we’re working with @wackware to push a fix when ready.

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So much for my imported Power Genius…

Is this integration dead?


You can try a virtual switch proxy via IFTTT.

I just read that Quirky is out of the product business. Which I assume that there won’t be any fix to this. I guess IFTTT is the only way… That is if they keep supporting that.

What’s the status of this? I just picked up one of these and a Smarthub v2, I’d really like integration.

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I have 3 Pivots that worked OK up until a couple of days ago. I managed to get the Quirky Connect app re-authorized but now the device list is empty. I’m working on figuring out why.
The ‘how to’ info seems to be spread all over the forum because a) its not supported, and b) Wink keeps changing the interface (best I can tell).
Anyway… It can be made to work.


Have you succeeded? I’m debating if its worth trying to get it working through smartapp or just create two virtual switches and link them to IFTTT

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I haven’t had time to look in to it yet.
It’s bubbling up to the top of my list soon.

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