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Please add all new posts to our “fresh” Topic initiated for Release v6.8. Thanks!

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@tgauchat I have my media tiles setup but I wanted to pull in Blue Iris Server to display the profile in BI. When I add it as a thing and save it doesn’t (blue iris server) show as a thing.

A lot more customization had been added since your post above, including tile, font, and spacer sizing, and Theme editing/building for a generous amount of color customization.

We’re working a “mega” icon libraries right now (still monochrome icons; though picture icons aren’t out of the question in the future).

SmartThings Cameras can’t be added as Things - SmartThings doesn’t provide access to them.

But you can create Media from the LAN addresses of your Blue Iris MJPEG streams or JPG snapshots. No userid/password can be specified - but since these are on the LAN, the risk is low.


No I know that. I wanted to add the server as a thing to display the state if BI: home, away, night etc.

There is no SmartThings “Capability that has an Attribute for “home, away, night, etc”. There is only one location.mode.

No the capability is in the smartapp BI Fusion. Why I asked the question was I was able to add it as a thing in Actiontiles when I checked all the things I could add. So the blue iris server is seen as a thing from the Actiontiles smartapp but doesn’t actually pull in when adding a thing in SmartThings.

Tiles are based on the subset of SmartThings Capabilities that ActionTiles is compatible with, not with any arbitrary capability and/or custom Attributes and Commands of your Thing.

Here’s what is currently compatible: Compatible SmartThings Capabilities (Device Type abstractions) / ActionTiles Knowledge Base / AT Support & Ideas

Got it, it can be confusing when you can pulling a thing on the smart app.

Things may make multiple Capability claims (and sometimes don’t implement the claim!).

We have no control over the Authorize Things screen, unfortunately, so we can’t improve filtering.

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Don’t show this to my cats. They’re pretty smart and will set it to always show Hungry.


…and this is why I will never own cats. Besides the severe allergy, I don’t need pets who are smarter than I am.


This seems like a good place to share the panel I made, it’s an old samsung phone inside a wooden enclosure…


Cool! Thanks for sharing!

We need to figure out the best place to recommend our Customers post their Panels and Frames.

We are @ActionTiles on Pinterest… And Instagram, Facebook, etc…

im just about ready to start on my Action Tiles project… trying to keep costs down as much as possible, would i be able to use the Eee Slate EP121 on a Windows 10 (https://www.asus.com/Tablets/Eee_Slate_EP121/) if used exclusively for Action Tiles?

anybody else in this thread using the same PC TABLET?

thank you.

If you’re trying to keep costs down, why use such an expensive Windows based Tablet?

Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to find enough customers to confirm whether this particular obscure hardware is a good option. You’ll maybe get lots of opinions on the risks of using Windows for a simple dedicated task. But Windows also has a lot of flexibility.

The best way to find out us to experience for yourself by trying it out.

i got the tablet for free.

thanks for the input though.

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Then you’re all set to experiment. Biggest question might be which browser works best. Try more than one.

thats the problem. im past/used up my trial period for AT and i really do not want to be stuck with it unless this ASUS TABLE works… be it any browser unless i know for sure itll work.

Just write to Support@ActionTiles.com with your Location ID. We extend Trials for any decent reason… Like this!

All Trials have been reset to Oct 31 anyway :wink: