[RELEASE] ActionTiles, the homepage for your SmartThings home!

ActionTiles was down due to Google Cloud outage this morning.

The service appears to be restored now.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I am having a little problem with my new Nest CAM IQ. If I open Actiontiles on my laptop (using WIndows), then video feed opens up perfectly in a tile. But the tile on my Fire HD8 (using FullyKiosk) is a blank grey. If I tap on the blank grey tile, then the video screen pops up and shows video. Is there a way to get my Fire HD to behave like my laptop?

Anyone able to get the Nest video feed in the tile using Fire HD and Fully Kiosk?

Considering Hubitat, but you’re concerned that ActionTiles isn’t directly integrated? Well there’s a workaround, but I’m sure you would like it integrated directly into Hubitat. That would make your decision a lot easier wouldn’t it?

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Is anybody using ActionTiles with the default Ecobee DTH?

We have a customer reporting that changing mode to Heat fails (whereas mode Off, Auto, and Cool work fine).

The customer is using the Samsung Connect App (i.e., new SmartThings App) with the Ecobee Connect option - in other words, the SmartThings standard code; not a custom or Community DTH.

There’s only been a single report and the DTH does not yield much (any?) debugging information, so we’re having a hard time confirming or replicating or isolating the problem.

If you are finding that Ecobee “Thermostat Mode” is working or is broken, please let us know. You can DM, or write Support@ActionTiles.com ; Thank-you.

This’ll mess with the folks that like to have small, simple panels. I don’t use AT on tablets; I have one giant panel that is a ‘control centre’ for my home. I just updated it to include a bunch of devices I have added in recent months. I’m basically running this full screen on a 27" Mac. Anyway, kind of fun to stretch it and see how performance is with such a large panel. I can see a slight sluggishness when I make updates via the builder but nothing of concern.

I may move to smaller panels on tablets one day - I just don’t bother right now and use voice control as I have an Echo in almost every room/garage.

Any significant update to this can take hours - maybe drag-and-drop will actually happen one day.


You sir are a madman. Or you madam are a madwoman. Or any combination thereof that’s appropriate to yourself. :wink:


Madman for the record :laughing:.


Amazing Panel, Nezmo…! Definitely stretching the edges of our product vision. :astonished:

Although we agree that drag-and-drop in tile view would have undeniable advantages as a user-interface, the “slightly sluggish” performance you note above would become significantly worse. Probably … intolerable.

Maybe there’s a way to enable “edit mode” and locally make the changes, then send the reordering commands to the server in bulk when “edit mode” is disabled? Just a thought.

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We already implemented it that way for the launch release and then Alex was able to optimize for asynchronous background updates, so that’s not the bottleneck.

We recommend doing any “massive” building and ordering on a PC or laptop - you get a taller area for arranging Tiles in the list view, and processing is faster than on a tablet. Use a second browser window open in the same resolution as your target tablet (F12 browser debugger mode on Chrome and Firefox has mobile emulation options…) to verify the layout instantaneously after every change; or keep your tablet next to you.

Ultimately, dedicated “native Apps” may be considered for optimizing the builder; but for the majority of customers, there are much more important features for us to focus on.

Features drive sales and Sales drive features. A certain set of potential customers will only be convinced with more simplicity and/or powerful builder. But it’s not a good product, business, or life strategy to try to please everyone.

Our Feedback Forum topics can be sorted by order of popularity. A good trick us to sort by lowest popularity first in order to find “neglected” ideas that you wish to support.


This is a good option, didn’t know about it. Thanks!


I have a contact sensor device but I want to able to select from the icons in AT that show up for a switch. I thought just adding the switch capability to the handler would get me there but it seems there’s more to it than that as after synchronizing the location to make sure all was up to date in AT nothing changed. Basically I have a doorbell that is sensed via a contact sensor but none of the contact sensor icons in AT are appropriate.

Is there a way to do what I’m trying to do?

Yep. Make a virtual switch, tie it to the contact sensor, add the virtual switch to AT. There might be another way but this is the easiest.


It’s the simplest solutions I miss every time.

Thank you.

How do you tie the virtual switch to the contact sensor?

I did it via webCoRE.

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Smart lighting should work too.


Hey @tgauchat, I’ve had actiontiles on my HD 8 for months and this past week every couple hours I look at it and it’s not working. It seems to be stuck at the loading screen. This happened to me before when I first got started and you helped me figure out I needed to change the refresh on my camera tiles. It’s been flawless for months now it’s tripping again and I tried slowing the refresh rate again and it’s not working. Any ideas on why or I can figure out what is causing? I know my internet connection is fine, I’m running a fairly new setup, few months old and don’t see drop outs in my connections.


No specific ideas, except to ask you to test a Panel with no Media Tiles just so we can be sure that they are the likely area of problem.