Random on off Cree bulbs (October/November 2018)


Over the last couple of weeks, random Cree bulbs magically turn on then off. No rhyme or reason why. It’s random bulbs…not always the same ones all the time.

I am baffled as to wtf to do to correct. Thanks.

Yes, I reported this too in this thread …

Someone posted saying they were seeing a config command being sent by ST to the device at the time of the flash. I am seeing the same and I’m waiting for the next occurrence then I’m sending details off to ST Support. I recommend you do the same.

Opened a ticket with support: #630057.

I’m seeing the same thing. It’s infuriating.

Please report to support@smartthings.com.

Just adding my .02 on Cree issues.

My Cree bulb is in an outdoor fixture, so I am unable to determine if it is flashing, and it’s worked well for well over a year. However, it has another issue that started in the last 6 days: it shows as Offline in the IDE, unavailable in theAndroid Phone app, but turns on and off from automations and direct commands.

Clicking “Check Now” displays an infinite "Checking for firmware update " message at the top of the screen

Also tried cutting power for a minute then turning back on with no change.


I’m experiencing the exact same symptom on my Cree bulbs. Luckily was sitting in my office when one flickers on and off and checked the event immediately. zbjoin for that device. Looked through rest of the logs and matched up all of the similar events to all CREE bulbs (6 of them). One one ST Water sensor has the same symptoms but otherwise all other bulbs are fine. Off to support to see what’s changed.

I am seeing the same thing (I’ve noticed it before). I looked on the log and see a zbjoin when it happened. Trying to get specifics from the log now.

Same over here. For a while they were always turning on/off quickly, or off/on quickly- but returned to their original state. But then yesterday and today (maybe just random coincidence) - they’ll flip on or off on their own and stay that way. Infuriating to say the least. Between this and the other issues reported in the firmware release thread (I’ve had sensor dropoffs happening also but hadn’t connected the two until now) - one more nail in the ST coffin. :cry:

Latest from Support after I sent a shot over their bow this morning. First ack from ST that the Cree FW is FUBAR. I’m hoping any fix also addresses the fact the Crees have become even worse repeaters (they’re weren’t great before apparently but always worked well for me prior to this).

I am very sorry for the frustration regarding the issue with the Cree bulbs flashing at random intervals.

We are working with Cree on the matter as the firmware is from them, and we hope to have something soon. I do not, unfortunately have an estimated time frame at this point. I have forwarded your feedback to our engineering team. As soon I have information, I will reach out to let you know.

Thank you Nezmo, I’ll keep checking back unless I get an automated email from posting in the thread.

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So, it’s been 10 days since an update. Anyone hear anything about this issue from SmartThings? The flashing is REALLY starting to annoy the hell out of me.

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Nope. And I have proved the Crees have messed-up repeating now. As I’ve reported in other threads, I have many Iris sensors that won’t stay connected since the update. If I simply turn off (power off) the Crees all the Iris sensors come back online. Then, with the Crees back powered back on, eventually the Iris’ die again presumably after the mesh eventually remaps through them.

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Any updates on this ? It’s been going on for a long time… they really need to address this.

Here here! Sometimes they’re good for a while then all of a sudden they’ll go nuts and blink 3 times in an hour. VERY aggravating.

Any updates here? Some have reported that Cree will replace the bulbs, and this solves the problem. I submitted an RMA request for mine, but they seem to have misunderstood and sent me back instructions for pairing the bulbs with a hub…

I guess I have two questions: will a firmware fix be issued, and if the bulbs are replaced, will the issue return as soon as the hub pushes this most recent firmware update out to the bulbs?

Given it seems the updated Cree FW is what causes the flashing and borked their Zigbee repeating capabilities, I would say the problem would just return. You could turn off FW updates for Zigbee bulbs at the hub. They worked just fine before their FW was updated.

I’m on the fence. I’m out $120 in Crees if I ditch them so I’m going to try and get them replaced and turn off FW updates at the hub but what if the new ones come with the new FW? LOL. It’s a mess that my guess ST is just hoping people give up on.

I think the Crees need to come off the ST officially supported list.

I’m right on the verge of ditching the Crees and moving over to Hue for my bulbs. I just need to decide if I want to use a Hue bridge or not.

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You and me both…I’ve had it. It will go for days with no problem and then wham, it will flash 3 times in one night. So annoying!

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