Cree bulbs not turning off with trigger

I was recently given a ST v2 hub for Christmas. I have myself a set of 4 Cree LED lights on my enclosed porch. Long story short I have been messing with this thing for weeks trying to get them to work consistently. It’s almost like the bulbs themselves and the hub both have a mind of their own, and right now I’m extremely disappointed in what I thought I was getting. They all connected and paired up just fine. I can manually control them just fine. I am using the smartapp Smart Lighting to control all 4 of them to be triggered by time. At 5:00 pm, they turn on. At 10:30 pm, they turn off. Except I have been unable to keep this schedule going. They sometimes turn on at 5:00 pm by themselves as they should, but sometimes not. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and see 1 bulb on and the other 3 off. My smarthub sometimes would show them on all on but in reality they would all be off. It is a mess. I have yet to go 5 days straight without having to somehow interfere with the current schedule. I have tried everything I can think of and it only provides temporary relief from this issue. Restarting the hub. Reboot the hub. Unpair each light bulb and re-pair it. Delete the smartapp. Re-enable the smartapp. Changing the times is the only thing that seems to help but only temporarily. The time change will last 1-2 days and then the lights wont turn off again. Am I going crazy here? I never would have thought such a simple concept would be so difficult. Is there something I can provide here for someone to assist me with this? Thank you for your time.

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ST has a problem with schedules right now. They swear a fix is around the corner. As with all things, have patience and take it with a grain of salt for software delivery times.

You’re not crazy. Turning lights on and off on a schedule is just too esoteric a use case to have a regression test for, apparently.

Thank you! I was beginning to swear I was going crazy. There was recently a software update that I assumed would fix this issue, but still remained. Appreciate the input.

Even if the schedule is fixed, don’t expect 100% reliability from the Cree bulbs. I have 7 of them in basement as replacements for pullchains with a Z-Wave switch on the wall. About 20% of the time one or two of the bulbs will not get/respond to the command while the rest will work. For me it is just a basement and can just cycle the switch again so no big deal, but just something to keep in mind.

I have the same problem. It seems like after a while the hub and the bulbs aren’t connected as the bulbs ignore any SmartApp commands - the commands fire per the app logging, but the bulb doesn’t respond.

It takes me manually turning on a bulb with the ST app, then the disconnected bulb will respond to SmartApp events, at least for a while.

It appears to be a Zigbee interference problem?!? The Cree bulbs are driving me nuts!

As suspected, they worked fine for the past 4 days, and now, the past 2 days all 4 bulbs are not even turning on. Had to cancel my smartthings app schedule and remake. We will see what happens, but at this point this is getting very old fast!

SmartApps with dimming options are causing any light selected to fail to turn off this week. Not just the lights selected for dimming. To try to fix some of this I removed lights from the buggy Gentle Wakeup smartapp “completion actions” section.