Cree Light Bulbs not turning completely off?

I have a number of Cree ZigBee bulbs in the house. Over last few weeks one of them developed a weird quirk - when it is in the Off state, it is actually dimmed to minimal state. I figured bulb is fried, these things fail far more often promised - though this is the first time I see it fail this way… Anyway, a few days ago another bulb started having a similar problem. And tonight I found the third one. All three are cree bulbs although purchased at different times, iirc. I am wondering if there is a bad firmware upgrade or something out there? It’s too much of a coincidence that three bulbs happened to fail in same way within a such a short span. Anyone else having these issues?

I’m not having that issue with my Cree Zigbee Smartbulbs using the Cree Bulb DTH vs the generic Zigbee Dimmer DTH. However, I am having issues with them disconnecting from SmartThings and just not working at all sometimes. I then have to manually reset them and search for them to get them locked back into SmartThings for a while. Guess I’ll change then over to the generic Zigbee Dimmer DTH to see what happens…

FWIW, I have always had issues with ZigBee/zwave bulbs dropping off like that with SmartThings. I found most of the time running rescan and then turning it off and on manually fixes things for Cree, but I became very familiar with the reset patterns ov various brands :-/

I am thinking it has a lot to do with this old house and all the metal in the walls (lath) - Wi-Fi also had issues until I got a mesh system. It is most often the same locations that have issues vs others with same bulbs that do not. Would be nice if we had some tools to rejig the ZigBee mesh manually…

But my issues are not connectivity, it sees the bulbs, send signal for off and gets a response… But then it’s still on :frowning:

I have not had Cree bulbs for some time now but I had a bunch for a while. They were full of issues and I do remember the issue you are describing with all of mine.