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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11


It looks terrible in iOS. The LOW, MED, HIGH overlaps the icon.

Why does stuff like this go to production?

Sticking my with custom DTH.

Ecolink door/window sensor
(Jimmy) #213

yeah, i went into settings and changed the icon first thing. Looks better with the fan icon instead of the default power off one.

(DavidK) #214

@vseven @tpmanley

Were the GE fan switches supposed to automatically use the new DTH?

My fans did not switch over automatically, they are still using the “Dimmer” device type.

I am almost tempted to remove and re-pair to see what the default device type is picked by smartthings.


Me too. I’ve been using my DTH since the device first came out. I bet, and unfortunately, they have to develop the DTH to work in both the Classic app and the new crappy app (which I bet takes priority).

(Jimmy) #216

You don’t need to remove them. Just change the Type in the ide. The fingerprints were moved to the new fan device type, so thats what it would pair as.


I reset all my Crees this morning and then reset some of my stubborn Iris sensors. I got it all working for a while then slowly some of the sensors dropped again.

I was also hoping that resetting the Crees would stop the flashing that they are doing from time to time. Nope.

When I get the time I am going to contact Support as a last ditch. At the moment though it seems my Crees have been messed-up by the Cree FW update and I suspect the sensors dropping is related.

Sorry for beating a dead horse here but I’m just deflated.

Random on off Cree bulbs (October/November 2018)

I feel your pain. What Cree firmware are you on? I’m on the following, and all is well (even through the beta):




Never had an issue with them prior to this. Iris sensors repeating through them were solid and I never once saw the flashing issue.

(DavidK) #220

@johnconstantelo Yes, but I wanted to see what happens when it is paired new.

Yes, the new DTH is used.

Yes, it is not local.


Well crap…

Got an idea that I went through with support a while back. Power down your bulbs so they are totally dead and not repeating. Rejoin your sensor(s) so they find another route and see if that helps stabilize them?

Once you do that for all those dropping sensors, remove and readd your bulbs so that they don’t retain any mesh info for the sensors.


We think alike. I also had this thought and I will likely try it once I get the time.

(Chris) #223

Now down to 3 unavailable devices. Not sure which one changed or why. Automations through webcore are still hit or miss. I hit my frustration limit today.

(DLee) #224

Didn’t receive an email notifying of the pending hub fw update last week.

Didn’t get a email notification of problems, nothing on the status page.

Didn’t see a meaningful reply from ST staff in this thread acknowledging and explaining these problems and steps or ST actions to fix.

Since spending half a day fixing everything last weekend, five more devices have fallen off the network in past 2 days. Some same devices, some different ones.

I am declaring the official end to SmartThings as we once knew it.

(Chris) #225

It’s the end as I once knew it. Been hanging in there 2.5 years, figuring they had to have just about had the issues ironed out. And I haven’t had it nearly as bad as some other users. Either way, I’m tired of fighting it and ordered a different hub this evening.


Yup, I now have a sensor that’s dropped (in addition to all the others I’ve been seeing) that I am pretty sure does not use a repeater as it’s in the same room as the hub. So this seems like it could more than the Cree FW issue I’ve been harping on about.

I’m having to turn off automations now so my house does not look possessed.

@Kianoosh_Karami, @Zach_Varberg, do you guys have any comment? Obviously this is systemic.

(Chris) #227

Not an hour later and have 6 unavailable devices now.

(Paul) #228

What annoys me about these outages - and this is going to sound extremely selfish - is that every major hiccup like this just delays the launch of ST in other territories. I am using an imported Hub v2 in Australia and it’s working perfectly.

ST was supposed to launch here nearly 2 years ago and we’re all still patiently waiting for an official system, where we can use the Z-Wave frequency that’s legal here. There were hints recently direct from Samsung that it would be here “sooner than we think”, but I doubt that now!

(JIm) #229

I think the thing that bugs me the worse here is the lack of response from ST. It would be nice to see at least an acknowlegement that something might be wrong.

My system had been working great for months. Now I struggle with automations working partly or not at all. Devices not responding, etc. I can see and control devices in the classic app, but they show disconnected in the new app. So any automations in the new app won’t work.

It’s been a week, almost, since the firmware upgrade and no sign of ST folks.

(Brian Roll) #230

Being in the IT field for some 30 plus years I just don’t understand how with each release stability and performance issues always crop up. Is there no source control, product testing. If this was any sort of banking or financial software, regulators would have put you out of business. Every update seems to introduce new issues, break existing devices and degrade stability of the platform.

I also have to agree the responsiveness of support is sub par. We will never reach the stage where anything of critical nature can use this type tech as long as these factors persist.

(Bob) #231

The lack of any acknowledgement by ST that there are issues is almost deafening. Has anyone who has posted on this thread raised a ticket with ST? If so what has the response been.