Cree Bulbs randomly going on and off *again*

I read through several other threads, but the newest seemed to be January 2019. In the last month or so, my cree bulbs throughout the house randomly turn ON and then OFF. It looks like when this happened in the past, a firmware update fixed the issue. Here is my firmware info from one of the bulbs:

The firmware was checked today, but hasn’t changed since 10/2018. Anyone have an idea other than throwing these out the window? My Samsung smartthings motion and garage door sensors are also sucking!!! It seems like everything zigbee is broken. My ZWAVE bulbs and switches are working without a problem. Any ideas?

Also, as a side question, does anyone know what happened to the WEMO smart bulbs? They were a bit expensive, but I like their light tuning ability and they seem to be working while these CREE are being a PITA. Did they stop making them? Is there a similar product that you can tune the color temperature, is reliable, and works without an added hub?


Look at the IKEA Tradfri bulbs. They are pretty good zigbee repeaters. They can solve your zigbee issues.


I can sell you my nine or 10 wemo bulbs if you’re interested. There are only seven in this picture but I have 10.

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