Flashing Cree lights - no reason

Not sure if anyone else is having this problem. Google didn’t show anything when searching.

I’m currently experiencing that the lights (cree bulbs, home depot) are flashing randomly in the house when off… so midnight, 3am, 5am… pick a time and it happens randomly. What I can tell is that it seems to only be Cree bulbs as I have Sylvania ones in the halls, do not flash.

So the bulbs will come on and off for a brief moment at full power. Ultimately, it wakes my 2yr old, so I’m at a point of wanting to know if other people are having this problem before I rip and replace 12+ bulbs and costs $ I shouldn’t be spending.

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There was a firmware update in mid October. Since then multiple people have reported this problem. I haven’t heard of any fix. :disappointed_relieved:

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Is that firmware on the bulbs or the hub?

Both at the same time. See the thread for details.

I have 3 of them with similar issues on 2. While on they may dim, the 100%, then back to current level.

All 3 have the current FW but one does not seem to have the issue.
that is probably not a fix.
All are enabled on Echo, I just temporarily removed one from Echo and after an hour no issue, but

Looking down the list of bulbs, they are all on firmware

  • Current Version: 0x0000020A
  • Target Version: 0x0000020A
  • Last Updated: 2018-10-11 3:22 PM PDT
  • Last Checked: 2018-11-11 12:25 PM PST - [Check Now]


Firmware Version 000.024.00011
Hardware Version hub v2, US customer Rev E

I submitted issue to support and referenced this post.

Thank you Paul.

I also have this issue with a number of cree smart LEDs.

I’m guessing nothing has come from Cree on this since it was brought up on the firmware? I’m at a point now, that I will not recommend Cree for any smart bulb due to this not being addressed. Wakes up everyone in the house with the random flashing and with two small kids, that’s a no go for us.

All I have had on the support ticket is a request for more info., then NADA.

Suggest everyone submit a ticket.

I’m having the same issue too. I’m just gonna replace mine, they are in areas where people sleep and it’s causing issues. Phillips hue white are $10 on amazon right now in a 4 pack. This isn’t worth the headache but I’m ticked at samsung for not addressing this by now.

Agree - will say mine have been measurably less, but I had one flash and go completely off today.

I only have 3 and 1 has been fine (it’s in the bedroom) so kinda’ lucky.

Having the same issue with 4 Cree bulbs from H-Depot. This started shortly after I enabled OTA updates via the Samsung portal. I see now that it wasn’t that. I appreciate you adding this thread, it’s starting to get really annoying.

I have the same problem with my cree bulbs. They randomly flash 100% bright for a few tenths of a second several times per day. Only my Cree bulbs are doing this since the October firmware updates. Very frustrating. As a bedroom light they wake me up all hours of the night. Going to have to give up on the brand…

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At some point, mine “fixed themselves”. I also had one that started showing offline, yet still worked, after removing then replacing it works OK.

Still having that problem here too. No firmware update yet right?