Some Cree Light Bulbs not Responsive?

Does anyone else here have a serious issue with their Cree light bulbs?

My house and my parents house uses a Cree light bulb in every light fixture and certain ones refuse to be controlled via Smart Things. I’ve deleted them from Smart Things, re added them, no luck.

When I click “Good night”, I have 3 lights that are supposed to turn off in the Living Room, and 1 does not listen. It works if I go into Things or Lights and turn it off, just no mode control. It’s only one room over from where the Hub is, and the hallway connecting them has lights that (usually) work. The office room where the Hub is at has 1 light bulb that doesn’t work when changing modes or when using Things or Lights - it is completely unresponsive. Can’t turn it on or off, it’s basically a dumb light. I have a few of these around my house where deleting and readding them does nothing.

Has anyone else had some Cree bulbs not function? Cree defect or just one of ST many many current flaws?

I have a both Cree and GE bulbs that normally work. But, every so often they stop. I have talked to a friend who has a WINK hub and it happens to him as well. I think it is the nature of the technology. Great idea, but implementation is not quite there yet.

Currently I just reset and get them working again, then wait till the next time. I do not have them in mission critical areas where I need the lighting. So am dealing with it. Plan to move all switches to z-wave at the switch instead of using lights like these in the house

I have some cree bulbs but they appear as Hue Lux bulbs to SmartThings as I have them paired to my hue hub. Before I moved them to my hue hub I occasionally had them stop responding to SmartThings. Same with GE Links. From time to time they would just drop off and I would have to physically turn the switch on and off a few times to get them to start communicating again. Are you using the default device type or a custom community device type?

Hi, so my problem is kind of like yours but it starts with some of the CREE bulbs initially working then after some time they stop. At first I was thinking that it was a distance from the HUB problem but if I understand the technology right the CREE bulbs/Zigbee creates a mesh network which should make bulbs further away from the HUB work as the other bulbs at as repeaters.

I have two CREE bulbs that misbehavior regularly, one randomly just stops working and the other I have do a series of rests to get it to work and then it will fail again and not respond till I do another reset. I have try to reposition the light several times but to no avail.

One problem for me is I have no idea if this a defective bulb of a very poor wireless connection. It would be nice if there was some kind of way to determine it rather than trail and error.