Question about standardTile UI update in SmartThings app

Hello all,

I developed a Zwave thermostat device handler in groovy for my SmartThings Hue V3. I tried a couple of examples from the developer site. I can successfully “publish” the code “For me” ( and I can see the result in my android phone that installed the SmartThings app (the latest one).

However, every time I publish a new thermostat example, the result always appended on the top of UI and the “old” UI (from the previous coding) is still exists at the bottom of the UI.

I’m sure that I removed “old” coding before I add new coding in the “My Device Handlers” section.

From the below screenshot, the RED area is from the new coding and the Blue area is from the previous coding.

Would you help me how to show up new coding only in the android app?

Thanks a lot.

First, Please post your full DTH code, preferrably a link to your code in github so we can see the whole thing.

Second - customizing the UI (or ‘device presentation’ has COMPLETELY changed since classic. Most of the stuff in the DTH - especially the items relating to TILES doesn’t do anything at all anymore. Without Custom Capabilities and Custom Presentations for those capabilities producing a VID which you can then implant in your DTH - you wont be able to make many UI changes at all. Learn more here: Custom Capability and CLI Developer Preview - Developer Programs / Tutorials - SmartThings Community

That said, why write a DTH - what device are you trying to setup exactly and what led you down the path of needing a new DTH?

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