Question about standardTile UI update in SmartThings app

Hi Nayelyz,

Yes, I attached DTH for Publish request. Is that I can test it internally before open to the public?

I also search the keyword in the supporting site and I can see some link that is related to the Z-Wave device. However, this link is not working. Would you help to review this link?

This issue is already reported. For now, when you use the search bar and click on one of the results, you need to correct the URL. Eg.
If we click on “Z-Wave Class”, instead of:
We need to use:

Hi Nayelyz

self-assessment checklist

Would you help to forward the checklist for our reference?

Hi, @westwoodhk. I sent you a DM with more information, please check it and let me know if you have any doubts.