Remotec ZXT-600 AC Master

Hello folks. I’ve been using the Remotec ZXT-120 for about a year without any issues. I wanted to get a second one for my bedroom but Remotec seem to have updated these with the ZXT-600, so I ended up buying those instead.

I was able to add the ZXT-600 to my Smartthings (V2) hub, but the default ‘Z-Wave Thermostat’ handler doesn’t work for it, and I can’t find a custom Device Handler for this device at all. I have also tried setting this up as a ZXT-120 but that doesn’t work either. Manufacturer’s website doesn’t seem to provide any support. Any help on this would be much appreciated.

I downloaded this custom DTH from their website before they hid it. Try it.


Thanks a ton for this. I wonder why they’d hide this along with the online manual but still continue selling the product.

Glad I could help.
I don’t think they hid it on purpose. It’s more like they have problems with their newly designed web site. There are no working links on it.

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Has anyone been able to get the zxt-600 working with a scheduler to control a mitsubishi mr slim mini-split? I have tried many apps; virtual thermostat, 5-2 thermostat scheduler, and now troubleshooting scheduletstatzones and haven’t had any success.

Thanks for any insight.

Hey - do we have any experts on this product?? I’m normally quite adept and sorting this things out but this one has me beat at this point.

The best thing I have manged is to ONCE get my Airwell ACs to turn off - that’s it!

I have managed to get the ac-code list & the (badly written) smartthings guide from -

There is a v5 of the custom DTH but it hosted on baidu and I just can’t download it, so i’m using the v3 from this tread. I’ve followed the instructions, coded each ‘storage location’ etc etc. Tried all the Airwell AC codes, tried code 000 as suggested by the manual for when you ‘learn’ all the IR codes etc. - nothing work. The unit will blink, so IR is being sent (in theory) but nothing.

Any help appreciated.

Are you saying you have tried the DH linked above? NomadTech provided a link to the Google Drive where this DH can be downloaded… Not perfect, but works with Hub2, App v3.

Yeah - i used the one provided here.

I guess what’s confusing me are the instructions are from remotec (the ones i linked to) where it says to first use of of the AC codes (still not sure one matches my model tbh), program the 32 IR codes (i did that), and then code the unit to code 000. I did all of that and nothing. I tried ignoring the last step just in case and again nothing. Clearly i’m missing something!

I gave up on it and returned the ZXT600 to amazon. I got it to barely work (turn AC on and off). Not worth it.

I gave up as well and returned the ZXT 600 to Amazon. I’m moving to Sensibo that seems to be much more advanced with a similar price.
In case this can help, Remotec customer service sent me the V6 of their DH. It’s clearly better than V3.

This is a link. Hope this is helpful