Problems with z wave garage door opener

Can anyone help me? I installed my iris branded garage door opener by clicking “add new things”. I got the app to recognize it, but when I push open or close nothing happens- no noises, beeps or movement. And the status of the door says “unknown”.

Should I remove the device in the app and start over? Does this device not work with all openers? Mine is a linear.

What kind of door opener do you have?

If I recall the Iris door opener is a repackaged Linear garage door opener. If true in this case, it sounds like the door sensor isn’t communicating to the controller.

If you haven’t already, try removing and bringing the door sensor closer to the opener. Then, verify you get open close status by tilting the sensor in your hand.

It is this opener. I’ll have to try your idea tonight by moving the tilt sensor closer. I’ll let you know what happens.

The garage door controller, the part that actually physically opens the door.

What is that?

I’ll have to check when I get home, but I’m 96 percent sure it’s a linear.

The thing that I don’t understand is that I get no activity from the z wave opener at all when I push the buttons in the app. No noises, beeps or actions. But I got it to pair with hub just fine. Do I need some special device handler? It’s listed in my ide as “z wave garage door opener,” so I’m thinking no…

The thing in the pic above is the linear garage door zwave controller.

I need to find out about the unit that I’d attached to the door, the part that was there before you bought the thing in the picture… Is it a liftmaster? Does it use myQ technology?

If it’s a yes to myQ, that’s your problem, they are not compatible.

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It sounds like the GD00Z controller is not communicating properly with the ST hub. I dont believe all of these steps are always necessary, but the following works for me when I have issues:

  1. Exclude the GD00Z from your ST hub (if previously paired)
  2. Perform a device factory reset before pairing by pressing the include button on the GD00Z 5 times.
  3. Place the GD00Z controller within 5 feet of the ST hub.
  4. Place the tilt sensor with battery installed within 10 feet of the GD00Z controller
  5. Pair with GD00Z with a quick momentary press of the include button on the GD00Z (not the one second press described in the manual).

The GD00Z should flash and beep when commanded to open and close from ST, regardless of whether or not is connected to your opener. You can test this by bringing the GD00Z controller and tilt sensor near the hub without being connected to the door. Simulate an open by tilting the sensor in your hand after the GD00Z begins flashing and beeping.


I have to ask.

After you installed the zwave controller, after you connected to the thing hanging from your roof, after you installed the tilt sensor on the panel of the garage door that is fastest up but still vertical, after you connected it to your ST environment…

After all of that, AND BEFOREyou did anything else…

Did you walk over to the button on the wall, or switch, or whatever you pressed or flipped before buying this device, ,

Did you manually open and close your door several times until the device in the ST smartapp showed you a success device status.

As in you watched the door go up and down… And then in the app it says closed when the door is physically closed or it says open when the door is physically open.

Did you do that incredibly important step that is in the instructions?

I have disconnected it from my garage door opener. Plugged it in 3 feet with my hub. I reset it according to the Lowe’s iris website. I successfully repaired it with my smart things hub. When I push open or close in the app nothing happens. I don’t get any beeps. And your advice to Tilt the tilt sensor did nothing.

I am perplexed.

Did you read the post I made directly above your last one?

Just trying to help cause I’ve kind of done this before.

I had the same issue with my linear, after a few hours of just leaving it be, it worked. No idea why. But Jason is right, open/close with the normal remote or button a few times and see if status changes occur in the app.

Yeah, that’s actually in the directions. The door has to sync to the app.

But I’m done in this thread. Been trying to help all day and can’t even get a response…

Based on his first post he hasn’t done that really important part… But hey, mine works… Guess why… I synced it like the directions said to… Never had so much as a glitch.
Got other things to do, good luck tilting that sensor around…

Directions followed. Product faulty and in ups’ hands now.

Thanks for your help. Sorry I don’t check the forums every five minutes.

Oh every 10-15 minutes will do :wink:

I went through something similar. Mine would work for a day or so, then nothing. Support ended up telling me that my hub was too far from the garage. I don’t buy that considering it would work for a period of time.

Wireless signal propagation is a tricky thing. All kinds of unseens can affect it.Things you may not even think about, putting a bike by your garage door. The metal can alter reflections, could be enough and just in the right direction to distort or weaken the signal enough to no longer be understandable to the receiver for example.

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Yeah, I understand that, but nothing changed is my point. If I had added something to the garage or in between my hub and it, that would be one thing, but since nothing changed, I’m struggling with the answer. Also, i’ve got a GE Z-wave dimmer in between. The 12724. Isn’t that a repeater?

I have a replacement coming today. Same one as before. Lowe’s brand Iris. I will report back to this thread and let you know how it goes.