Garage Door Opener receiving signal but not actually opening door? Linear model

Hi all,

I bought the IRIS garage door opener and installed it on my Craftsman Garage Door Openers. The install went fine, I have the leads connected and paired with my hub. However, 50% of the time, the garage door does not open.

When I click Open/Close (depending on state), the ZWave unit will beep and flash, so I know it’s getting the signal, however, after the 5 seconds, nothing happens. The ST app says “Opening…” but then it times out and goes back to reading “Closed”.

Now, I understand this is probably an issue with the wiring to the Garage door (I would think?). Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a trick to getting this to work with craftsman openers?

[EDIT] I figured that I should also add that my wall control button has a single green light for the door. If you stare at this light, you will see that it flickers randomly. It’s not a continuous blink, but my of a intermittent, single flicker. (Solid light------flicker once-solid light-----------------flicker once-solid light)

OK being an electrician I look at it this way!

  1. Does the regular open close push button work?
  2. If yes check the two wires going to the same to contacts on the garage door that the button is going to and make sure your remote garage door unit is connected right and the wires are intact.
  3. If that is good make sure there is power at your Z-Wave or zigbee control unit. I have seen where the powwer wires become disconnected.
  4. Now that you have done all that install a Z-Wave repeater as it could be the signal isn’t strong enougth to reach the control unit.



  1. Yes, the wall push buttons ALWAYS work. However, the LED light I speak of, that flickers randomly, is on the push button. It looks likethis (the top most dot is the green LED).
  2. I wired the Z-Wave controller up to the same terminals that the wall switch uses. I twisted the copper together and put it in the terminal.
  3. The Z-Wave unit has power. When I ask it to close, it beeps and flashes the light, so I know it’s receiving the signal, it’s just not performing the action.
  4. See #3. Since the unit responds when I ask it to close (beeps and flashes) the Z-wave signal should be strong enough. Not to mention, I have a Z-Wave light switch about 10 ft away from the first unit.


OK try this get a ohm meter, or continuity tester and remove the two wires that are connected to the button terminals from the z-wave unit. Now put the meter across the wires and try your remote close and see if the z-wave unit lights or the ohm meter pegs to one side. the z-wave unit could be receiving the signal sometimes and not closing those two wires. Si it works sometimes. It could be a bad unit with a faulty receiver or a faulty relay inside.

Some garage doors have a chip built into the wall button for security. The opener unit gets a special signal from the wall button, not just closing the circuit.

Have you seen this document?

I got around this by wiring the linear box to the wall button which (to my simple mind) replicates closing the circuit on the wall button and sends the signal through the chip within the wall button.

Interesting…I have a Craftsman 139.53990DS. It appears to be a Chamberlin model. Here is the manual. I’m not sure if that tells you anything in regards to a special chip in the wall button? I looked through the manual and didn’t see anything regarding that. Am I to assume it’s a Sec+2.0 thing?

So if I’m understanding this correctly, I need to disconnect the Z-Wave unit leads from the opener itself, then with the meter attached to the non-connected ends of the Z-Wave unit, press the meter against it and see if the lights/beeps?

Also note that this happens with both Z-Wave units on both garage doors.

Not that the lights beep but the two wires show closed as if the wall button is pressed. The two wires should show a closed circuit and that the signal was received and was closing the door.

yes security+ is what i was referring to. I could not remember the name.

Just found this thread:

I guess the issue I’m having may not be so weird after all. It still doesn’t explain the remotes working intermittently, but had some explanation as to why the Z-wave is funky.

Hi David,

I assume that you have a garage door opener with security+, how did you end up connecting the linear box to the wall button?? Was there a specific place?

I’m working with this wall unit…


I added it to the same leads that went to the overhead opener unit. it was way easier than i thought it would be.