Linear zWave Garage Door Opener Strange Behavior

Ok, so I am in the process of migrating from my MyQ garage door openers to Linear. So I went to Lowe’s and picked up the Iris GDZ001 Linear zWave Garage Door openers. I have two garage doors and both of them paired successfully. IF open or close the garage doors from Smartthings or the physical button, they respond properly, but the other garage door’s status changes along with it. So Basically, if I issue an Open command to Garage Door 1, it physically opens and the status changes to Open, but for Garage Door 2, the status changes to open also.(but doesn’t actually open it).
In the IDE logs, if I open garage door 1, I see garage door 2 in the logs.

First I thought it was wiring, so I moved the Linear devices to be connected off of my push button controllers in the garage but the behavior continues. Attached is a picture of my wiring before I hooked up the Linears. The Red and White wires on the left go to the push button controller and the white and purple wires go to the Pinpad outside my garage. When I wired the Linears, I used the red and white on the left, and even tried the third white and results were the same. The pinpad is the only device that garage doors 1 and 2 share which is why I figured I would try wiring them at the push button controller to eliminate the opener overhead itself from a potential conflict. I am using the stock zWave Garage Door opener.

Anyone have any ideas here?

Sounds like they are sharing tilt sensors somehow. Might have to call linear about that.

The wires on the right go to your laser beams. The pin pad outside is wireless.

I would bet that the tilt sensors are not paired to the specific controller but rather, they just transmit open or closed. If this is the case both controllers are reading the signal. I don’t have a clue how or if you can fix the issue. You could try to remove the batteries from one of the tilt sensors and see if the problem persists. If it does then you need to see if it is possible to pair the sensors or use a different tilt sensor.

This is all speculation. Good Luck

Interesting point. Two things I failed to mention:

  1. I had a lot of trouble pairing these and I had to repair them a few times. It’s possible there is a data corruption issue going on here since I named the devices identical (but possibly swapped the hardware when doing so).

  2. It’s possible I affixed the wrong tilt sensor on the wrong door. I hope this is the case because it’s easiest fix. When I get home from work, I will try it. However, even if I put the wrong tilt sensor on the wrong door, it doesn’t explain why the right physical door is opening??

Mbhforum… I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the Iris/Linear controller… I have the separate switch and tilt sensor, but sometimes the sensor does not report correctly.

I think I had the wrong tilt sensors I had in the wrong door. What an idiot I am!

They were definitely more of a challenge to setup than the MyQ’s between the zWave pairing process and having to wire them to your controller., but now they seem to work fine. It’s one less app I now have installed (MyQ), but my reliance on zWave just got more.


The pic of your opener looks like mine. But what control panel do you have? I have a 888LM which appears to conflict with the linear opener. See here - Linear GD00Z (Garage Controller) and Wall Switch (with Motion Detector)

It looks like any of the fancy openers are a problem.

Check out this quick video to see if it will solve any of the issues.