Lowes Iris z wave garage door opener tilt sensor issue

(might be my fake name?) #1

I have had this opener for about a week working properly. Now all of a sudden it’s only showing open and I cannot use it anymore. I’ve tried manually tilting the sensor, an opening and closing the garage door from the button on the wall. I still get the same result. The garage door opener in the Smartthings app is showing open.

The only thing I can think of to change the battery in the tilt sensor. If that doesn’t work I will delete the opener from Smartthings reset it, and then added back and see if that works. Anybody else experiencing this problem? Does the tilt sensor communicate with the iris opener? Or does it communicate with the hub?

(Michael Hess) #2

Talks to the opener. Bring it closer to the opener and test if you didn’t already when you manually rotated it, maybe it’s a distance thing?

Edit: I had to reset mine a few times before it worked reliably so might be a good idea anyway.

(might be my fake name?) #3

Thank you. !


I found this link very helpful when installing mine. I also had to pair/reset a few times to get it to work, but it’s been super solid since.

(might be my fake name?) #5

Mike, I deleted the Iris opener,reset it, and re-added it to st. Now it’s working again. Thank you.