Iris Garage Door Opener Failed?

This morning I used the opener and I returned home and it no longer opened. I manually opened and closed the door with the pad, but was still unable to open or close the door. The status was updating on the app, but not passing commands. I tried deleting the device, excluding it, and resetting it, but now I am not able to pair it back with the hub. When I press the link button on the side, it beeps once and a red status light flashes quickly twice then pauses and repeats that two more times before a long beep (similar to the reset (without the red lights)). Iris support was terrible because I do not have their hub. All other devices on my network are operating as they should. I just installed the thing two days ago, and am kind of at a loss on what to try next.

Model: GD00Z-1

How close is your Garage Controller to the rest of your mesh network ?

I had issues connecting until I added a light switch (which also acts as repeater) close to my garage.

Try moving the hub closer if you can. At least for a test.

Of course if you are able to exclude and include with no issues perhaps this isn’t the issue. Does the status current report fine ?

What device code are you using ? Feel free to try my version if you like.

Remember if you have a power outage the door will stop working until you cycle it manually. I fixed this by adding a UPS to my Linear GD00Z so it always has power.

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I even went as far as moving it within feet of the hub and it still would not connect. Status light would flash red a couple times and would get a long beep at the end. I was not able to get it to reconnect after I removed it. I ended up returning it to Lowes. Going to buy one off Amazon today. Do you know what the differences are between the GD00Z-1 (Lowes) and the GD00Z-4 (Amazon)?


From what I understand only brand name 01=iris branded 04=linear.

I bought 04 from Amazon because linear makes it so figured might as well buy that one. That and my local Lowes is poorly managed.

I think you made correct decision returning sounds like you had a f aulty unit.