Help with Pairing Linear Garage Door Opener

My parents have two garage doors, and have two openers. Before when we installed the linear door opener add-on, we got one connected, and then we were able to get the second one up and running that was already attached to the ceiling.

Well, we had to factory reset the hub and my dad’s account, so I’m trying to get these added back in and I’m tearing my hair out. I’ve managed to get one to exclude itself so its previous pairing should be toast. Otherwise, I have done the following as recommended in this thread (Problems with z wave garage door opener)

  1. Exclude the GD00Z from your ST hub (if previously paired) – done
  2. Perform a device factory reset before pairing by pressing the include button on the GD00Z 5 times. – done about 5 times
  3. Place the GD00Z controller within 5 feet of the ST hub.— They are all together on top of a table within inches of each other (overkill, I know).
  4. Place the tilt sensor with battery installed within 10 feet of the GD00Z controller — They are all together on top of a table within inches of each other (overkill, I know).
  5. Pair with GD00Z with a quick momentary press of the include button on the GD00Z (not the one second press described in the manual). ------ does anybody know if this is done until there is a single beep? If I keep holding it, I can get it to beep repeatedly. I vaguely remember it needing to beep twice. I feel like this is where I’m screwing it up.

Can anybody assist or provide some guidance on this damned button? Thanks.

Try rebooting the hub first and then pair it.