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I just came back from Lowe’s after picking up my 3rd and 4th boxes of these:

Iris Home Automation Pack

The coupon code for “40% off the iris security pack” courtesy of @metfoo (thank you Frank!), which also worked for me for the “Iris Home Automation Pack”, is: 470000000013036

I know that some stores have complained and would not honor the coupon, so this is definitely YMMV, but I had no issue placing an online order for in-store pickup.

The price before tax for both came to $154.80!

A very good deal, IMHO!


I have this PowerStrip it is pretty epic, I’m going to get another one. What device type are people using with this one? I have an older one that lets me control each switch individually, using binding to virtual tiles, is there a more up to date one people are using?


Darn you , JDRoberts! I can’t really think of a use for this in my current setup, but I like a deal!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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And, also if you haven’t signed up for Staples rewards, sign up to get free shipping.


Thanks @JDRoberts!
I just ordered the strip and with the rewards I was able to get free shipping :smile:

Anyone have a link for the device type this uses? I did a quick search but did not see it…maybe I am just blind :smile:

I think it’s this one:

EDIT: There are a couple that can be found in the links on this post


You beat me to it. lol, but yeah the cooperglee device type seems to be the most developed.

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Keep in mind the new Control4 EA 100 for $600 includes an sr-260 remote which retails for about $250 as well.

So the price of the hub is about $350 and you get a universal remote (zigbee) that can control the devices connected to the controller.

Basic install can be done cheap and some dealers will even do it remotely. Great entry level system for a home theater or living room / entertainment area where you want to get rid of a bunch of remotes and add on screen UI.

A lot cheaper solution for any tv, then buying the new Samsung UHD 2016 tv’s with ST built in, IMO.


50 bux for the garage door seems like a deal. Assuming it comes with the tilt sensor and all necessary parts I can’t see how you can beat it!! Looking forward to this since I leave the house often asking myself if i closed the garage.

Not cheaper than a $70 harmony Home and $39 amazon fire stick with voice remote if you already have ST though. :slight_smile:

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Harmony does not give you on screen ui, does it?

Fire TV with Alexa does ,to a point. It shows the command on the screen and acknowledges it

Will it show full video cameras and connect to your security system?

Getting off topic, but yes with the apps, I can view all of my security cameras on my TV .

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please tell me what apps and stuff I would love to do this with my TV

If you have a Fire TV or any Android TV box,the same app you use on your phone/tablet will work on TV box. Personally I use TinyCam pro

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FYI Per Slickdeals

  1. Go to Staples iOS App and search for Item 1415700 or Z-Wave Garage Door Opener
  2. Add Item 1415700 to your Cart
  3. Add coupon 21832 to your cart to get 15% off
  4. Proceed to checkout and total will be $49.99 - $7.50 w/coupon 21832 = $42.49
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You can also go to a web browser after doing the above, and pull up your cart and finish the transaction from there. I did free in store pickup from the browser, worked great.

I really don’t need another garage door opener. I really don’t. I really don’t.
Ok, maybe I do.


Do we have device types that work for all these items…or just the smart plug and contact sensors (I think)…just curious. My local store has no Iris stuff, but the coupon worked for online order to have it shipped to me. Just got the strips today…

EDIT: found the iris smart button code thread, must be the same as what they call the “panic button” on the Lowes page.