Home Depot smart home clearance

Just a heads up. Home Depot near me

in NJ has been closing out a ton of smart home products. I just got 12 GE Link bulbs for $4.03 ea (regular 15.99), 3 hue iris fixtures for $25.03 ea (regularly 99.99), and a couple basic ($25.00) and premium ($50.00) go control security packages (both of them are 50% off regular price). I saw a few other things on clearance as well! Not showing up online as clearance, but at least all the stores from the Jersey Shore to Harrisburg, PA have them on clearance…


Kinda old news. https://community.smartthings.com/t/ge-link-bulbs-hd/47125

I’ve had no problems tracking down the clearanced GE Link bulbs, but I’ve only managed to find a single Iris and it was marked down to $50. Is there any way to check if stores have Irises in stock? I’ve checked all four of my HDs around me couple of times without any luck, but I’d be willing to drive to score at least one more.

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I’ll call around. I’m actually looking around for a few things. Where are u located?

Welp, didn’t see anything about the Go Control on the thread so I figured it couldn’t hurt to give another heads up…

They’re around. Didn’t need the siren so I grabbed the last 3 Essential sets from my local Home Depot in Durham, NC. 6 contact sensors and 3 motion detectors for $75+ tax!

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I picked up 2 of those. The motion is kinda slow but works.

The beautiful thing about smart home automation is that there are a million devices to choose from and new technology comes out constantly. Because of that, we are able to get the stuff on clearance and we can still upgrade devices in the future as price allows. For example, the cheapest solution to 2 of my lights were the quirky smart strip. Got them for $25 each on Amazon. The problem is that hey aren’t compatible with smartthings so I was using a virtual switch and IFTTT, which was causing latency problems and missed commands (and setting 2 timers when I was out of town sucked, too). I didn’t really mind because I only really used those lights with Alexa anyway. But with the Iris smart plugs I bought for $12 each, I was able to sell the wink hubs for what I paid for them and actually save $2 and now have lights that work via my smartthings. I’m going to try for the GE dimmers on clearance next. I was able to return the 2 I bought for $42 full price and going to try to buy 7 more!

Have you tried removing and re-including it ? I have never had any complaints about the response time of these. ST is the third different hub I have had them on.

There’s an updated device handler for these motion detectors that fixes the delay. On my phone, but search for these or the monoprice sensor and you’ll find it.

@visualize and @RLDreams thanks. I’ll try both suggestions. :wink:

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From the Madison, WI Home Depot. There were about 4 or 5 left after I picked one up.


That’s a great deal!

They finally went down to the same price in NJ. Also $13.03 for the basic…been watching them for a while!

I guess I better run over to Home Depot at lunch and see what I can find. Is the siren in the Go Control kit any good or is the Aeon siren significantly better?

Definitely get over there! My store had them on a bottom shelf covered in dust and not labled, so they probably aren’t going anywhere. Lol. siren is ok, but that’s why I got 3

Ugh, between you guys on this forum and SlickDeals, I’m going to be living in a refrigerator box before long. lol


They had a few refrigerators on clearance, too!


Talked to a HD manger ( who nice enough to give me 4 GE links) He told me that of you see a price ending .03 it’s the lowest it will be marked down. It will be thrown out if if not sold. If something rings up s $0.01 it means someone didn’t pull the product. Normally they can’t sell an item marked to a penny so he give me the bulbs for free.
PS this it top secret corprorate info lol


I kinda figured that was the case about the markdowns. I know target does something like that. But throw them away :scream:???