Current Device Deals & Best Prices (link to new thread at bottom of thread)

Hi all!
I’m new to the home automation and SmartThings world, but I’ve been looking around the forums for a couple weeks and have put in my first few sensors, switches, etc. So far so good! However, I’ve thought to myself a few times that it’d be really helpful if there was a thread that people could post to when they come across unique deals and really good pricing on items. For example, the Best Buy PEQ deal that was going on for several weeks with $19.99 sensors (discounted from $39.99) would have been a great one to make everyone aware of. The thought would be this is more for deals/discounts than it is for “what’s the best brand of ______.” That’s a different topic for a different thread.
If someone is aware of a thread like this, I’d also appreciate a link to that so I’m not duplicating anything! Or you know, if it’s a terrible and useless idea, that’s OK too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Welcome to the community! As it happens, there was a very active forum topic on the Best Buy PEQ deal which actually lasted a couple of months, probably as they were clearing out the previous generation of devices. So a lot of people did see that one.

Anyway, I agree, a general current deals topic sounds like a good idea! :smile:

Contributors should be encouraged to delete their posts after sales have ended.

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Device: Aeon Minimote, Gen 1
Price: $99 for 5, qualifies for free shipping
Return Policy: 30 day return policy, read details

The Minimote is a tiny button remote, about 3" long, with 4 buttons.
Works very well with SmartThings and is on the official compatibility list.
Gen 1 was discontinued when gen 2 was released and may need the free firmware update.

Very useful for handheld control of lights and other devices. While the minimote is a zwave device, it can work with SmartThings to control zigbee devices, hello home actions, etc.

(Technical note: when adding a new device for the first time, the Minimote Can also be used as an inclusion controller to include/exclude/associate zwave devices that do not require security pairing. So particularly useful for adding in wall zwave light switches, but not door locks.)

Sale limited to current inventory. They also sell 3 packs and individuals, but at a higher per unit price.


These mini motes, gen1, are $25 on Amazon. They function the same as gen2

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Now that the Best Buy deal on PEQ is over, I was able to find the same PEQ units (Water, Motion, Door/Window Sensors) at Walmart for somewhat discounted prices. They are $24.99 (Water), $30.38 (Motion), and $24.99 (Door/Window). More expensive than the $19.99 deal Best Buy had previously, but quite a bit cheaper than the current $39.99 price they are selling them for.
They’ve worked well for me so far. Nice added touch that they all have Temperature sensors on them too (fairly accurate).


FYI - PEQ motion, contact and moisture sensors are back on Sale at Best Buy $19.99

Get them while they are hot!


Good call, @greg. I’ve been checking Best Buy’s site every couple days since the last sale ended. I’ve had great luck with the PEQ sensors, definitely picking up a handful of each!

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Another good deal today

The smartest house has original aeon mini motes $19.95
and aeon door/window $23.95
And some other stuff

Also Free Shipping for the holiday


Cool tech! Great price!

Was just in home depot and noticed they had the racchio 8 zone irrigation controller in clearance for 99$ I almost bought one just for the fact it was so cheap, but decided to at least wait till the warranty is up on the one the builder installed

Best Buy has the Friends of hue 120-Lumen, 8W Bloom Luminaire Starter Kit, 15W Equivalent on sale for 99.99 normaly 179.99

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BuyDig (through their eBay account) is selling the Aeon Labs Smart Switch for $22.99 with free shipping. Pretty decent deal, about $7-10 cheaper than Amazon and other places. Limited quantity so I’m not sure how long they’ll be at that price.


Kevin, where was this? Any idea if it was just your local HD or if they’re all discounting them?
Also, what section of HD was this in? may need to stop by one on my way home…

This was at a home depot in Orlando. The H/A area up front was still marked regular price, but back by the sprinklers, it was under a clearance sign. I took a double take when I saw it.

Looks like it’s still regular price online

@kevintierney : Welcome fellow Orlandian! Best Buy has the PEQ starter kit on sale for $119.99, saving $44.99 off the regular price.

Hey Seth Good Morning. I know this isn’t the place for this, so Ill make it quick.I was about to order a couple of the Aeon in wall switches 45$.One non dimmer for window ac, and one dimmer for a light. But then I saw your post. Do you know if this model, other than being outside the wall, can it handle a small window unit AC And does it have the same function as the inwall one? Usage, Wattage etc. And do they make a dimmer one in this style.22$ is better than 45$ My wife hates when I rip the walls apart. :rage:
Thanks for your help

Hi Aaron. Thought I responded to your question, but I don’t see it showing up. But yes, it should handle your window AC just fine. It says it handles up to 1875 watts and someone on Amazon asked about using it as a window AC to which others confirmed that they have been doing so without any problems.
I’ve done both receptacles and now these plug-in modules. Both are nice, but as you are trying new things, the mobility of the plug-ins are nice and don’t really take up too much space. Plus the lack of wiring makes things quicker. Hope this helps.

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GE Link bulbs (basic A19s) look to be at a decent price in Amazon: $11.24, plus free shipping if you have Prime. I haven’t used any of these yet, but will be trying since my older home doesn’t have neutral wires in most places. The GE Link bulbs are usually closer to $14.99 per, so it’s a decent discount, but nothing mind blowing.

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FYI: I tried the PEQ / CentraLite Appliance Module on my home theater projector (as I was going to use the power draw measurement to trigger the motorized screen!), but it resulted in a lot of unstable lamp brightness.

I’m really concerned that these don’t deliver clean power / stable voltage!

I’d like to measure it. Perhaps I just got a flaky module…?