GE Launches Seriously Cheap Wink Connected Bulb


Have you see this? Any chance of a integration.

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Looks pretty interesting…

Says they’re Zigbee certified. Assuming it is light link protocol they should work out of the box with a Hue bridge.


Or the ST hub for that matter.

Don’t think the ST hub supports Zigbee Light Link.

I don’t see why not. It handles the ZCL quite confidently and the profiles are simply implemented on top of the cluster library. As long as the profile isn’t manufacturer specific it should be good to go. I believe there is even a device handler example for ZLL bulbs named “Zigbee Hue Bulb”.

I doubt the idea of a “connected light bulb” is going to catch on, with the exception of “mood” lights like Hue. In most cases you want to control area lighting rather than individual bulbs. $15 for a connected bulb is not terribly expensive, but if you need 6 bulbs to light your dining room, it’s cheaper to get a Z-Wave dimmer and dumb LED bulbs.

I expect LED bulbs prices to drop to around $3 within a couple of years. CFL and LED bulbs cost about the same to make and CFLs are already < $1.

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I have to disagree. I can count on one hand the number of switches in my home that control more than a lamp or two. Second, consider the average joe having to pull the switch, install a new one, pigtail the neutral, and in the case of multi-way switches, having to identify the load and supply side, and wire them up in a totally different way. Compare that to simply screwing in a new bulb.

While I have no problems doing this (heck I don’t even shut off the breaker), I will still use connected lights everywhere I can. They have better dimming capability than the current crop of Z-Wave dimmers, plus I love the colors with Hue, programmable transition times and third party apps (like Hue Disco) controlling the hub.

Just my 2¢.


Well then… I stand corrected. Nothing I need though as I have a Hue bridge.

Good point. That’s probably their single biggest advantage. On the other hand, smart bulbs can not be dimmed by a wall switch and if you turn the switch off you cannot control your bulbs at all. I tried TCP bulbs and returned them because we use wall switches 90% of the time and it was too confusing to the family. I think Z-Wave strikes s balance between automation and traditional wall switch control.

The bulbs are up for pre-order with an estimated arrival of September 1st - 3rd.

60W Traditional Bulb ($15) -

65W Recessing Lighting Style Bulb ($20) -

90W Recessing Lighting Style Bulb ($25) -

Starter Kit with 2 60W Bulbs and Gateway ‘hub’ ($50) -

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Interestingly… the A19 bulb has suddenly gone AWOL from Home Depot’s site.

maybe it doesn’t work? the quirky stuff i have looks cool, but isn’t dependable

i have the tcp hub setup and was just browsing… one of my old school recessed lights went out and i figured why not replace with smart bulb? (annoyed there wasn’t tcp br30 on amazon)… the more things i can automate the better… i love telling the smarrtthings to turn off all lights when no one is home

i have a quirky porkfolio cus its just so cute… but i cant get it to work for the life of me…

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@kirsten27 this one from lowe’s work good and is zigbee.

SYLVANIA 11-Watt (65W Equivalent) BR30 Medium Base Soft White Dimmable Indoor LED Flood Light Bulb
Item #: 484719 | Model #: 78960

I doubt it will work with ST though. The Iris Zigbee protocol is not compatible with ST Zigbee (HA profile), AFAIK.

I thought these were Zigbee LL certified, just like the GE Links.

Interesting. Does ST support Light Link now?

Unsure… I only remember spying this earlier in this thread; haven’t checked out the device-type just yet as I don’t think I’ll have a need (he said, assuming his GE Links will work out of the box with his hue bridge).

@geko the iris bulb is zig bee and works good. With ST.

Good to know. Thanks :slight_smile: