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The motion sensor definitely works (I have one).

And the button has a device type here:

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Wow, Staples Expected Delivery March 11th!

Wow Staples must not like you. Ordered Jan 31 free delivery on 2/2

Crap- staples iOS app says its out of stock and so t let me order.

Wow…that’s a great deal. Our local power company also has a $50 rebate on WiFi Thermostats right now.

a$$ holes… says not available for android orders.


Came across this FirstAlert Smoke Detector at Amazon, seems to be a good value for $39.97. Not sure if it work properly with ST. Ratings are bad too. Anyone has experience with this device?

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Got two of them up and running earlier this month. They were a pain to get connected, but following the guidance on this site was succesful.

Yes, first alert z-combo pairs with ST easily and ST knows when I push the test button. There have been no fires in my house since I bought it, so that’s all I can say.

That’s not a deal per se, $40 is the price it’s been since last year, except in nov-dec it was $30. Camelcamelcamel is your friend.


$39.97 is the standard price, so discussion of that is probably better done on another thread.
That said, I also have 2 but for me, they were super easy to setup.

Thank you for all the replies. I will keep an eye on this using camelcamelcamel.

This This This! =D There is a plugin for Chrome that it will actually provide a quick button to press while at the amazon page to see the camelcamelcamel page. And it’s Awesome.


Lowes flagged my order for the Iris kits! They called, said the order was canceled and i would need to reorder. They questioned my discount… I reordered, this time didnt get it shipped, just did store pick up.

Whew. Checked and mine shipped. I wondered if anyone would get tagged.

So, the next deal is where? What a week!

Woot has iPad mounts right now. Great for your SmartTiles setup.

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Thank you for pointing this out @schapper05!! A very useful extension! :grin:

Oh, I am buying more! I need at least 4 more! I will buy them before the 8th =)

Only running Android 3.2, but still a decent option for a 10" control panel .
Acer Iconia Tab 10.1" (A500) Tablet 16GB $85

I looked at the physical coupon posted in the thread, said the 8th?

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[quote=“Belgarion, post:335, topic:34950”]
I just came back from Lowe’s after picking up my 3rd and 4th boxes of these: Iris Home Automation Pack
[/quote]I picked up one set (77.40 after the coupon)… is this really that good of a deal? My local Lowes has a dozen more.