OSRAM LIGHTIFY Light turning on by itself

nope this is new from the shop like 2 weeks ago. is there anyway to update?

Afraid not. Think you’ll have to wait for a hub update like @jhamstead suggests.

watching one on ebay see if i can get it cheap enough

The latest update may not resolve this issue - though if you have other zigbee devices the later firmware updates will resolve the other well documented repeater buffer overflow issues (the light and any connected devices go offline until restarted).

The gateways go cheap on eBay - if you buy second hand and the previous owner didn’t deregister it, an email to lightify@osram.com will allow you to use it on your own account.


Same is happening with the Lightify outdoor flood lights. I have two connected - one newer bulb & one I’ve had for a few months. I updated both of them with the Osram hub 1.5 weeks ago, yet the older bulb still comes on at random times. It has a rule so it should only turn on if a shed door is opened during the night hours. The newer bulb seems to be responding as expected thus far.

I had the same problem with a RGBW Lightify bulb. I changed to Sticks18 to Lightify Bulb v2 DTH and the problem has gone away.

Works on a GU10 bulb as well.

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Thanks - will give it a go.

One light came on last night despite using the updated firmware so it’s not that.

Having the same issue the past few days. I have 6 bulbs in the front outside of my house. Out of those 6, there are three that will randomly turn on, and it’s not consistent- sometimes the garage center, a few mins ago when i got up it was the porch east and west.

I did have the problem of the garage east bulb dropping off the network. It is the furthest bulb from the hub. I bought an Iris smart plug and put that in the garage, and I also discovered the thread about updating the firmware. That bulb was out of date, the rest are on target. So, between the plug and the firmware that problem was solved, but still having the random turn-on issue.

I also noticed that Alexa is pinging the bulbs a lot, sending a refresh command. It will often send 2 pings in a row every 4 minutes like clockwork. Brought this up to them and they said they’re receiving LOTS of complaints about this issue, and are looking into it. The app update (iOS) yesterday did nothing to fix it.

I’ll try that device handler above and see if that helps. Thanks!

I had my rgb one come on and change colors again last night, its getting old fast…

The wife wanted to go to Ikea yesterday so I picked up 2 Ikea Tradfri bulbs to hopefully phase out the Osrams. Unfortunately I forgot to pick up the Ikea Hub. So now I’m stuck with 2 bulbs that won’t connect to SmartThings / Hue Bridge because they need their firmware upgrading… sound familiar? :laughing:

I’m too heavily invested in the lightify bulbs to turn back now really… But id be interested to hear how you get on with the tradfri bulbs! How much is the ikea gateway?

I’ve submitted a support ticket to Smartthings for the lightify issues… Watch this space!

Tried that DTH above with my RGBW bulbs, and lost the ability to control color. I’d rather have them come on randomly. Setting them back to the original device handler.

Sorry I fibbed…

I used the Lightify Bulb v2 DTH for the Tunable whites E27 and GU10s. But for the RGBW light I used gkl_sf’s Osram RGBW DTH and that fixed the random on problem even though it is for the US version of the Lightify. Colour still works as just tried it now with no problems.

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This has become a problem for me over the last month or so. Prior to that, they never turned on by themselves.

I have opposite issue. One of my bulbs will randomly turn itself OFF…if i wait long enough (longer than one wants to keep track of.) it turns back on. If i set it to a dimmed value with a scene, it never seems to turn off. Last night it happened twice within 10 minutes. I see in the ST Classic App in the Recently for the bulb it turned off. I manually power-cycled, and see it turned back on. 10 minutes or so later, it turns off and i can see the off command in the app. driving me batty. Making me rethink the amount of effort to re-wire the 5 way switch setup and use a ST Dimmer

This is an old thread but I just started having the same issue. My bulb just randomly turns on. Sometimes a couple times a day. Sometimes it goes a couple days before coming on. No automations controlling it. The log just says its on, not how…

I’ve been having problems with the bulbs turning themselves on randomly throughout the night and sometimes in the day. I transferred them over from my Lowes Iris system. On Iris they would randomly turn themselves on but go right back off again. The other problem I experienced was that they were frequently unresponsive to the Samsung smart button or alexa.

This weekend after having the whole bedroom lit up multiple times during the night I retired them and Installed Cree Connected bulbs. I’ve had one of those and never had a problem. I hope the new ones work just as well. B-bye Osram!

I too have started to see this issue. Two of my nine have started to randomly turn on.

Make sure the Firmware is updated
Try to limit how much they are used as a relay
Open a ticket with ST

My Osram bulb has just started this and I found this thread. I’ve read the whole thread but is there a way to update the firmware without the Osram hub? Or any other type of fix to try and stop this? :frowning: