Osram Lightify Bulbs

Afternoon all,

There’s an ongoing problem with some Osram Lightify Bulbs where they will automatically turn themselves on randomly. This happens a lot to myself whilst everybody in the house is tucked up in bed.

The apparent ‘solution’ is to update the firmware on the lightify bulbs but I have the latest and this still tends to happen.

So… long story short I’m looking to come up with a CoRE piston that automatically turns the bulb off. Now I could do something simple like…

IF the time is between 12:00am and 6:00am AND the light turns on THEN turn off light.

But surely there must be a better and more robust way of doing this than that? For example, is it possible to do something which singles out requests e.g. If the request hasn’t come from CoRE / Alexa / SmartThings app then turn off the bulb.

Happy for any help / tips!

What mechanism are you using to trigger the lights to turn on? My lights used to randomly come on until I used webcore to be the mechanism to turn the lights on and off.

I use a variety of ways.

Either via automated routines (CoRE), by voice using Alexa, or even manually turning the lights on via the SmartThings app.

EDIT: An automated routine definitely isn’t triggering the light to come on if that’s what your’re getting at?

The only difference is I am using webcore. But i did have that problem where they would turn on randomly.

I haven’t taken the leap to WebCore yet (still using CoRE v0.3.16d.20170828) but this has been an ongoing issue even before using CoRE at all.

It’s been a well documented issue across the various Osram Lightify threads on here.

I haven’t taken the time to read about WebCore yet, but I’m presuming it’s going to be a hassle upgrading all of my current pistons, which obviously I’m reluctant to do when everything is running smoothly.

Anyway… any ideas on what piston would solve my issues?

I created a custom piston that turns on my lights and force the color that i want.

Great. Not sure how that helps solve my problem though?

My issue is turning a specific light OFF when they turn on through a method that I haven’t initiated e.g. either via CoRE / Alexa or the SmartThings app.

lol. I know. Not sure why mine stopped going on and off during random times. But since I used WebCore to trigger…all was okay.