Lightify 65W Tunable goes on by itself

I have a OSRAM LIGHTIFY RT Tunable White High hat retrofit installed in my Master bath. The problem is that this lamp goes on once a day by itself. No I have no automations set up, no pistons. I am at a loss figuring this one out. Any ideas? Below are the apps that have access to it, but nothing other than status is requested.
ActionTiles V6 (Connect) Beta
ActionTiles V6 (Connect)
Status Report (Device Monitor)
Amazon Echo (Amazon Alexa)
Ask Alexa / Update (Ask Alexa Voice Report)
Simple Device Viewer
Smart Home (IFTTT)
Ask Alexa
webCoRE / webCoRE (webCoRE Storage)

did you look at this device in IDE for unexpected routines?

otherwise maybe your power is dropping out and returning, forcing the bulb on.

I am having a similar problem with an OSRAM / SYLVANIA Smart BR30 RGBW. It has started randomly turning on in the middle of the night. I have included a snap shot of the events log.

Starting from the bottom up

  1. Goodnight Routine Triggered at 1:52 AM
  2. Off Command Sent to Light
  3. Light is Polled at 2:10 AM
  4. Light Turns on at 2:36 AM
  5. Wife yells at Alexa (and me) at 2:57 AM to turn off light


I recently have had the same thing start with one light, mine’s a GE Link.
Same boat, not caused by any routine or anything…

I have 5 of those bulbs, and 10 bulbs total, only this one does it

My power system here does send me an alert if power drops, Plus other devices would have sent an alarm which are out of the ST system.

Time to notify support…

Having same issue with a PAR38 that I just got. I was told it may be old firmware, but I’ve updated it and it still happens

Same here, updated firmware and still does it. Please send report to support.

SmartThings support viewed my log and it showed it going off. But they also said that they don’t see any commands from the hub or their computer. Also I was told to remove Pollster as it was hitting the light very often. So I did that and will see what happens.

FWIW, I do not use pollster and have the issue.

I will test tonight as last night my wife turned off the switch connected to the High hat.