OSRAM LIGHTIFY Light turning on by itself

Help! I am having a beast of a time figuring out what is turning on my ONE Osram Lightify lamp.

I have a single Osram bulb, the rest are Hue and one Feit, that is in my carport.
I only have one automation controlling it, a CoRE piston, turns on when I arrive home or open the front door and turns off after a few minutes.
Every so often it just turns on by itself without a trigger. It maintains constant power and shows no controlling signal in the logs.

Any ideas?

If this only started happening in the last week or so, this was reported in on the first bugs report page in the community – created wiki right after the recent zigbee update.

Look under Devices for December and there’s at least one topic there for the Osram devices coming on randomly after the update. :disappointed_relieved:


If it’s been going on for longer than ten days, it may be something else.

It’s been going on for a while. I how have a piston shutting it off shortly after it turns on. I didn’t see the bugs page.

My logs indicate NO command. Just “on”. (Log is “ALL” tab)

2016-12-11 9:09:44.508 AM PST
5 hours ago	COMMAND			ping		ping command was sent to Carport	true
2016-12-11 8:34:50.178 AM PST
6 hours ago	COMMAND			ping		ping command was sent to Carport	true
2016-12-11 7:42:34.095 AM PST
7 hours ago	DEVICE		switch	on		Carport switch is on	true
2016-12-11 7:25:47.340 AM PST
7 hours ago	COMMAND			ping		ping command was sent to Carport	true
2016-12-11 5:40:00.803 AM PST
9 hours ago	COMMAND			ping		ping command was sent to Carport	true

I have been checking that as well. The wiring is secure.

It might need a firmware update, which unfortunately at the present time can only be done with Osram’s own Gateway.

No problems with any other lights in the home. The UPS isn’t reporting any fluctuations either.
We really don’t get electrical storms here. The mountains protect us, “Hail Cascadia.”

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all 8 of mine started doing this after Firmware update.

check and see if is checking for an update. Some Osram bulbs have been turning themselfs on when they check for an update.

How would this be indicated? I showed all of my logs above, nothing other than pings to the bulb for status around that time.

Is this a planned upgrade for ST or do I need to get a d@m^ hub for ONE bulb?


That was it!! So this morning at 3:36AM!!! the one Osram in the master bedroom lite up, 100% Work us up. That did not go well. Log in once I got up for real and low and behold it checked for an update at that time!!! grrrrr Guess I am opening a support ticket now

I have this same problem on only 4 of mine which I have like 10. And its both connected to a OSRAM switch since I had no neutral wire in these two hallway switches. Maybe I need to update the firmware in the switch. I have two extras and goign to see today if they have any avaiable. My bulbs are all up to date on firmware updates. And it drives me crazy. sometimes its all on 100% light sometimes its one at 2%.

yeah I just checked and that was it. Funny its only effecting the 4 hallway lights and not the 6 lights I have outside.

I have disabled OTA.

the lightify products seem to be turning on when they are checked for a firmware update. It Is happening to me too.


Looks like I’m not the only one this is happening to.

absolutely not.

I have three A19 Lightify bulbs. Two of them seem to be of the same generation hardware/firmware while a third reports slightly different. Only that third bulb has had the random “turn on” issue. However I was leaning towards odd power issues or something since I moved the offending lamp to a different room and haven’t noticed it acting up. I need to move it back and see if the issues return.

There is something different for sure. One set presents the current firmware versions while the other does not.

Bulb with Issue:


application: 03
manufacturer: OSRAM
endpointId: 03

Raw Description 03 0104 0101 00 08 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 0B04 FC0F 01 0019

Bulbs without Issue:

application: 07
manufacturer: OSRAM
endpointId: 03

Raw Description 03 0104 0101 00 09 1000 0000 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 FC04 FC0F 01 0019

I have exactly the same problem with my Lightify Garden spots. They check for a firmware update and the lights turn on. Turning off Firmware update does not stop this behavior. I had a Smartthings engineer working with me, but he has stopped responding in the last week. And I do not see any response from SmartThings engineers here. Looks like they have gone home for the holidays.

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They did say it was a bug they are working on as well as some 1st party sensor batteries reporting still 67% and they are in fact dead.