Osram Lightify Bulb Randomly Switching On

Does anyone have a problem with the bulb switching itself on randomly. Mine keeps turning on after its been turned off. I have made sure nothing is doing it. I removed and reset it and it still happens.adecd862c53e12286b12282fc632dae5b5cf9c16_1_243x500

No idea, but have you tried resetting it and not adding it back to ST to see if the problem is local to the bulb or some other trigger?


I have reset it yes but without it being connected to smartthings i have no way of controlling it

Fair point… if it were turning off by itself instead then my dastardly plan may have helped.

wow I’m seeing the same issue, I assumed it was a shortage in switch on the lamp. it’s usually occurring in the early morning hours.

Happens all the time for me

I’ve had two recessed lights to disconnect from ST and turn on at 3am. Thus far they’ve done that right before they die. When I did a 5:5 reset, they blew out. Sylvania replaced them right away though.

My Osram bulbs do this all the time, I’ve had to set up a CoRE piston that makes sure they’re off when they’re supposed to be.