[OBSOLETE] Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

We are working on getting the Lutron Remote integrated with the SmartThings platform. The current issues are related to the group support as the remote sends out messages only to the group. As we progress on supporting the ZigBee groups aspect on SmartThings, we tried using the remote directly with the bulbs. But this causes the remote to ‘steal’ the bulbs if they are connected to the SmartThings platform. To get around this issue, you can pair the remote first to the SmartThings platform and then try connecting the remote to the bulbs.

You can use this alpha device type handler to pair the remote to the hub:


One of the potential issues is : Remote turns off the bulb, but the status is not updated. Unless the bulbs has the newer config, this will be an issue. I’ll open a PR to update the config and refresh methods so that the bulbs can get the newer config. This means, that any change in level/switch status should be reflected correctly on the ST end.


Does this mean that the remote only works with light bulbs or would it work to control other devices?

The remote ‘connects’ to devices using the TouchLink interface in the ZLL guideline. If any other device supports TouchLinking, the remote should work with that.

Since touchlinking is a commissioning method which was developed for ZLL, specifically for light bulbs, I am not sure if there are devices out there other than bulbs. But if the community can hunt down non-light bulb devices with Touchlinking, we will definitely try them out :smile:

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Great stuff! Does this mean you’re working on having the hub pretend it’s a bulb? Or just have it “hear” the group/multicast messages? Will it open up the ability for the hub to send group messages?

I explored the Utility portion of the ZLL cluster on these and it will report the device info of paired bulbs, but the group id response was always blank so I can’t figure out what group id it’s using without checking a bulb it has paired. It picks a new group id each time it joins a network.

Once I had the group id I have been able to add and remove bulbs from its group without using its pair process by writing directly to the group tables of the bulbs.


Scott, can I ask a favor? If you ever do get groups (multicast) working with SmartThings please let me know. This would reduce a lot of my ZigBee traffic.


I bet if the device used any of the same clusters as the bulbs and it was in the same group number (multicast address) it would work.

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If the device is zigbee, supports groups and uses the on/off or level clusters then it might work even without the touchlink process. I’ve gotten it to work with bulbs without the touchlink joining process.

I’ll try an ST outlet if I have a chance.


Definitely! I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops. It’s the key advantage that any zigbee only system has, especially Hue.


Hi, my question is this turning off the bulb or dimming the bulb to 0? I have a automation that turns on my light at a certain time to wake me up and I don’t want to mess that up.

Any additional development on this? Would love to be able to customize the buttons to control scenes and other functions like it can on the wink hub. Will this even be possible in smartthings?

It will be possible, but it is a significant change to the zigbee implementation within ST (firmware level) so I expect it to take some time (months is my guess).

Hey everyone. Wasn’t too interested in this topic until I just ordered 12 ge link bulbs from HD which they price matched from Sears who is selling them for 7.49. Back on topic. I’m going to pick up one of these remote from HD when I return back home but had some questions. @mitchp reported that the ge link bulbs were reporting their changes which were received from the remote to the ST hub however @AndyC said his cree lights were not. Also @Sticks18 reports that bulbs are reporting back but when off is sent from the remote it reports a 0 dim and not an off state not sure what bulbs he was working with.

So my question. @mitchp being I know you have ge bulbs, And know you paired your remote to the ST hub followed by pairing the bulbs. Is your ge bulbs reporting back and is it reporting a off state or dim of 0 when you press the off button on the remote.

For the price of the remote I’m totally ok with having a smart app drive other devices like outlets and wall dimmers. Also what I have read so far it seems like Ge link bulbs may be working but the cree are not.

I would have to verify once home, but I believe that it shows off. I can toggle the light with the remote and watch the icon change in the ST app. If I recall, it also sets the dim level to 0.

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I’m also using GE Link with the remote and this is what I see. It appears to only send level commands to the bulbs, so the ‘off’ button on the remote really sets the bulb to dim level 0 and the ‘on’ button sets the bulb to dim level 100.

This can cause disconnects in ST. For instance if the remote sets the bulb to 0, then you turn it ‘on’ with ST you won’t get any light or if the bulb was at 20% then turned ‘off’ with ST and the remote’s ‘on’ button will turn it to 100%, not 20%.

I just use the dim up/down buttons to fine tune the dim level. Using either one when the light is ‘off’ will set it back to the previous level +/- some small movement from the dim up/down command.

Like someone else said that off state is important for things like goodnight commands. And providing it’s updating the status I see no reason this won’t work well with smart apps slaved off bulbs. Of course you would need one bulbs in the mix which could be a deal breaker for some.

This would be a little pain but I guess I could have a smart app that just monitors the bulbs for levels of 0 and sends an off state back to the bulb if the level is 0. Still will have the issue with turning the bulbs on via ST and dim setting being 0 but most of the on commands that I do with the bulbs are from automated activities. I really just need a remote for wife and visitors. Im down in South America for 2 more weeks and now can’t wait to get home and play with my 12 ge link bulbs for $97!!!

Has anyone tried the remote with osram lightify bulb? I have a couple of them too.

@mitchp Any chance you were able to see if the remote triggers the ge link to be off or does it stay on with a dim of 0. I know @Sticks18 confirmed his remains on with dim of 0. Wasn’t sure if you were getting something different.

It dims the bulb to 0, then turns it off. Just checked on this yesterday.

Nice. Thank you for the response. As soon as I get back to the states I’ll mess around with a remote and now 14 ge link bulbs. Wife is going to kill me haha, maybe I should make a panic smart app that flashes the lights.