Innr Remote? Will it work with SmartThings?

Anyone heard of this?

If it is actually zigbee, how easy would it be to integrate? i.e can you listen for events in ST and then press each button for example? And fill the DT from there?

It won’t be easy. It’s likely to run into the same problems that people have had with the Lutron connected bulb remote. Even if you can get it to pair, it may not stay paired. But if you buy it from a place with a good returns policy, you could certainly give it a try.

Here’s the thread for the Lutron device in case you want to see the kind of issues they’ve run into.

Hmmm… looks like ti’s going to be a PITA and possibly beyond my ability…

Shame in the UK there aren’t any budget remotes, even the minimote is expensive here!

Vesternet is out of stock right now, but the tiny securifi 3 button Key fob remote will work with SmartThings using a community created DTH. It’s probably the least expensive at about £18.

You could check with Vesternet and see if they expect to get more in.

Cheers will take a look!

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