Lutron Zigbee Remote (LCBR) as Button Controller?

Is there a way to add the Lutron remote to smart things as a button controller?

I was able to add it with this device handler:

but I am not receiving any events/logs of button presses.


I’ve been trying to get an answer to the same question. From what I have read, this cannot be used at a button controller at this time.

The remote cannot be used as a button in the ST ecosystem due to the lack of Zigbee grouping support in the hub right now. The DTH only adds remote to the ecosystem so that bulbs paired to the remote aren’t stolen away from the ST ecosystem.

Is Zigbee grouping support on the roadmap at all? I could be mistaken but I thought I saw posts from late '15 (back when the alpha device type handler was posted) that said SmartThings was working on that support.

Any update on this. Just switched over to ST and can’t get my LCBR to control my Cree bulbs that are paired with ST

Would love to see support for this. Any updates @workmonk?

Pinging in hope of an update

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