Lutron Connect Bulb remote

I’m looking to move off my current Wink system to the SmartThings hub. This is used at a remote cabin in the woods to make it look like somebody is home (deter criminals). I have several lamps with smart bulbs and have them connected to my Wink. I also use the Lutron Connect Bulb remote so my wife can turn the lamp on and off as needed without going into the app. Otherwise I would have to remove the smart bulbs as she isn’t into automation. I purchased the SmartThings hub and have bulbs connected but I can’t find any mechanism to use a remote to turn off and on the bulbs. I’m not tied to the Lutron and would welcome suggestions for others if they would work to accomplish my goal.

The connected bulb remote cannot act as a a button controller in SmartThings. There is a method to join the remote to the hub and then pair the remote directly to bulbs in order to control them. This allows you to use the remote to control an individual bulb or group of bulbs but only in the way it was designed for. You can’t use each button to control a different set of bulbs for example.

However, after the announcement of the move away from the Groovy IDE, this will only be a temporary solution and not anything for the long term. But, should you want to try it, the details are located here: