EcoSmart Zigbee Remote

Looking at the manual linked on the page and the SmartThings app, it appears to be supported. However, I don’t have one.

I got the remote to pair, after doing factory reset, but no DTH yet and the remote doesn’t send any commands back to hub that are recognized. Hoping someone can figure it out. It’s a really nice remote, got CCT bulb and remote in same package for $8.88

Yeah, I was able to get mine to pair also, but without a DTH it’s pretty useless. Maybe someone with some skills can come up with one?

Also, this kit is apparently selling for $4.88 now. I just purchased it a couple days ago for $8.88. If someone can figure out how to get this to work it’s a no brainer to go back and get some more.

Does the bulb work with ST? If so, that would make for an inexpensive smart bulb.

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Yes, the bulb itself works no problem. Full control over color temperature and dimming.


I found this for home assistant

I’m also wondering if the remote is similar to this Lutron remote [Alpha] Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

I think it’s zigbee 3.0. @BroderickCarlin you think any of the default zigbee remote DTH will work or which would be best to start with?

@Rxich have you tried the ikea button DTH? I believe it is a zigbee 3.0 remote, too.

I just added one and went into the IDE and assigned it the “Ikea Button” DTH that my Ikea 5 button remotes use. It now reports a battery status (shows 196% though). Button presses don’t send messages through to live logging, though.

Darn. Could also try zigbee multibutton.

No useful info there either. Live logging still doesn’t report anything, and app doesn’t even show a battery status with the Zigbee Multi-button DH.

I know @Luis_Pinto has done a lot of great work with the Ikea remote devices, perhaps he could chime in on this one?

I have saw remote are being recognized as Ikea standard dht, but I didn’t saw button click report on log also, changed back to my dht and it works once again. Also, if you have blinds remote it doesn’t report long button press like mine, so I will stay with my code, for now.

This remote also looks identical

Honestly, not sure. I do know that a few engineers (myself included) picked some up so I’m guessing we’ll get something figured out :wink:


That’s really good news. I got 16 of them and I think I’m going back for 4 more… It’d suck to have 20 remotes to throw away!

I’ve spent 4-5 hours over the weekend trying to find a good resource to start learning how to write a device handler, but honestly, I’m out of my realm with it.

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Got a DTH written for the remote this morning that exposes the basic functionality. Doing some internal testing before doing an official release, but will keep you guys posted. For those that want to hack something together sooner, take a look at the Ikea Button DTH :wink:

Couple interesting things that make the remote not work great with the platform. The remote is intended to be joined directly to some bulbs and not to be used as a generic Zigbee remote. Because of this, the remote actually does a fair amount of internal state management and each of the 4 buttons has unique functionality. For those that have not used the remote, the top button controls on/off, the second button controls brightness, the third button is color temp, and the bottom is preset. To convert these events into generic button presses we can simply respond to on/off as button 1, brightness commands as button 2, and color temp commands as button 3. The first issue is how to handle button 4, and the honest answer is that there is no way for us to handle button 4 as it sends the same events as buttons 1-3. This means there is no way to determine if you actually pressed button 4 or button 2 and button 3, for example. This is an issue then as pushing button 4 is interpreted as pushing one, or some combination, of the other 3 buttons, and to top it all off, the events that get sent from the 4th button are not constant which results in it’s behavior changing based on which other buttons have been pressed (remember that mention of internal state?). The remote also supports both button pushed and button held… on buttons 2 and 3.

TLDR; The remote works, sorta. It is functionally a 3 button remote with a 4th button that sends combinations of presses from the other 3 buttons.


Given the reality of the 4th button, would it make sense to just disable it in your DTH, rather than having it give wacky unpredictable results? Is that possible?

BTW, as long as you never program the 4th button by holding it, you can work around the unpredictability by keeping track of the previous command and looking at sequence numbers. I have the remote working in zigbee2mqtt (just merged into dev branch) and it’s very reliable - as long as you don’t reprogram the bottom button.

zigbee2mqtt logic here: