ZigBee Light Link Switches - Smart Switch and Smart Bulb when Hub is Down

Looking at the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote, it appears that it connects directly to ZLL bulbs? So, you could have the ST hub talking to the ZLL light bulbs for scene control and automation etc., and for the wife/kids who still want switches, you can have the Connected Bulb Remote to turn the lights on/off. I know there are Z-Wave options, and Zigbee HA, but if the Hub fails - you are left without any control.

So - is that how the Connected Bulb Remote will work?

I’m wondering then, if Legrand’s wireless touch panels are ZLL?

It looks like they offer these wireless touch panels to connect with recievers; if they both use ZLL, then perhaps the transmitter/wall switch will work like the Connected Bulb Remote?


Sorry to bring up such an old topic.

I have cree connected bulb and lutron connected remote, I con confirm it worked great.

The remote talk directly to the bulb, but can be paired with Hub first to ensure it does not force bulbs to join another network of its own.

You may control it via hub or via remote, whichever way you like.

But the remote does not send any button events to your hub. A limitation on Smartthings side, I believe, user with Wink Hub can register events with buttons on the remote.

Not too much for me to concern since I prefer the remote to control bulbs directly for better reliability.

There is a little problem when the bulbs are controlled via the remote directly, the state of the bulbs are not reported to Hub. Maybe there is a delay, I don’t know for sure.

But it definitely a ease of mind you know it will still work even without hub.