[OBSOLETE] Iris Smart Fob 3450L (2nd generation)

The follow-up to the Iris Care Pendant:

Iris Smart Fob! Four buttons, supporting push and hold actions with the button controller SmartApp, for a total of eight possible actions! No presence detection though. The time required for a press to be considered a “hold” is configurable in the device preferences.


For clarity, this the device type for the generation 2 fob that uses Zigbee Home Automation 1.2. It won’t work with the generation 1 Iris fob.


edited to correct model number per @blebson :sunglasses: I got confused because the “care pendant” was mentioned, which is the red one. My bad. Mitch has been busy!


From my understanding, it’s actually this one:


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Nice! Doesn’t look like it does presence with SmartThings though.

So is the presence detection not working a limitation of SmartThings?
the production description reads:

Presence-Based Security Alarm Key Fob (Works with Iris)

The Smart Fob provides 4 buttons that can be customized to fit your specific lifestyle
Receive notifications when your children come and go

Yeah, I dunno… it appears that it’s designed by Iris to be a presence sensor, but looking at the device type that @mitchp nicely created, I’m not seeing a capability for presence, which leads me to believe that Mitch’s device doesn’t do that.

@JDRoberts talked about this in the thread about the Iris medical alert FOB with greater precision I’m sure than what I’ll say here, but there’s a number of different ways from a hardware/software method of doing presence detection. It’s entirely possible that the method Iris uses from a hardware standpoint just doesn’t fit with the method that ST uses from a software side.

Or it’s possible that Mitch never tried to get presence sensing working because that aspect wasn’t important to him. Kinda not fair to demand and developers do something for free that doesn’t interest them! :smile:

Or it’s possible that Mitch tried but couldn’t get presence to work but maybe someone else will be able to do it?

I dunno. I do know that if presence worked on these I’d get 'em in a heart beat. This would be great for my kids. Presence plus some command buttons at a pretty good price. If I had one I might even take a stab at getting presence working despite my lukewarm coding skills, but as presence is at least as important as the buttons to me, I’m a little reluctant to purchase without knowing if presence can work.

I could not get presence working. It’s not enough to simply add the capability. I think the Arrival Sensor from ST is probably whitelisted as a valid presence sensor, causing presence messages to be sent to parse() when it leaves/rejoins the mesh. This is, of course, only an assumption.

@JDRoberts: thanks for updating my post. I meant to edit it with pictures and a link to the Lowe’s site, but I was in a rush last night and never got around to it :thumbsup:


Thanks for the reply… I just ordered two from Lowe’s to Play with for $50. I figured what the hell it’s worth the experience.

I did see a post that rejoin messages are on the Zigbee roadmap, so hopefully that moves quickly.

It might hurt battery life, but could you use a shorter battery report interval and treat two missed reports as away? Then any message into parse would be the arrival.

And course, awesome work!! Really impressive that it’s working on multiple endpoints to get the button presses!


[quote=“mitchp, post:7, topic:28682, full:true”]
I could not get presence working. It’s not enough to simply add the capability. I think the Arrival Sensor from ST is probably whitelisted as a valid presence sensor, causing presence messages to be sent to parse() when it leaves/rejoins the mesh. This is, of course, only an assumption.[/quote]

Kinda guessed it was something like that. Bummer cause it would be a great device for presence and buttons.

It sounds like it will work once the new Zigbee upgrades are completed.

Now if that single button one would ever show up for order i could have my smart doorbell! Bummer this can’t be used currently as a presence sensor, but hopefully soon it will be able to.

I was wondering when someone was going to be all over this! Thank you very much for your hard work @mitchp!

$25 alternative to the Minimote?!

Shop around, you can get the minimote for $25 or 5/$100. Or for about $10 as an add on to a pocket socket purchase.


But this one is a better key fob. :sunglasses:


I’m hereby renaming @JDRoberts --> Oracle.

Not much resemblance, but bonus points for the wheelchair reference. LOL!


Is there a trick to adding this fob and/or device type? I’ve added several other custom Zwave device types and physical devices in the past year, without too much trouble. But I’ve RARELY gotten a custom zigbee device to just work. n.b. I am mostly a cut-and-paste monkey, not a ST developer.

The standard devices (e.g. presence sensors and Centralite Plugs) work fine. The 3button(Smartenit ZigBee HA Wireless 3-Button Switch/ST-integration) is unreliable (in my experience) but sometimes works anyway.

Another zigbee keyfob, the Securify 4button seemed promising. The hub-v1 showed the join events, and I could modify the device to the custom device type, but the smartapp button controller never saw any button presses from the device.

Now this zigbee keyfob (Iris 3450L) ALSO joins the hub-v1, and I can update the device type (which I saved from mitchponds’s top-post and self-published without issues), but neither the hub log nor the button controller live log, sees any button presses to act upon.

Any ideas?

LATER, THANKS @Sticks18. As you suggested the reset procedure is key. The actual procedure is still not clear to me but pressing TWO buttons (top 2 in my case) WHILE inserting battery, performed a reset and rejoin. The confirmation was green light during the 2-press then upon releasing, a fast-flashing blue.

I was also doing a phoneapp-Connect-New-Device but I don’t know if that matters.

Now I can see button-presses in the hub log.

Sorry about the fuzzy notes - I’m really just recording this for next time I have a moment to mess with this again.


Both of the zigbee keyobs need to pair directly to the custom devicetype because they’re considered security devices and need to enroll with the hub.

Try making sure the devicetypes are published before pairing. If you’ve already paired and had to switch the device to the custom devicetype via the IDE, try resetting the device and re-joining it to the hub without removing the device from ST. It should pair itself as the same device and since you’ve already assigned it the custom code, it should get all the correct configure commands. Close to hub is better.

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I just went to Lowe’s and got one of these. I added the custom device type first. Then put the hub into discovery mode and then put the battery into the keyfob.
The hub found it right away and used the correct device type automatically. It works great!
I look forward to someone figuring out the presence code.

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I was planning on using the fob as a way to learn how to write device handlers, but knowing that you have to have the device type installed before you can pair it raises more questions.

First and foremost, how do you get the fingerprint from the device if the hub won’t talk to it until it has a fingerprint?