IRIS Smart Fob Integration

Hi, I’m in a bit of a bind regarding the IRIS Smart Fob and it’s integration into the SmartThings Hub.

I first paired the fob and anytime I would press any of the buttons it would say “Button 1 was Pushed” regardless of which of the four buttons I would press. When I set it to a SmartApp it would ask me “which button” and I would say “IRIS” and then it would say “Which Button Number” and I could select any of the four buttons; but that was irrelevant because it would recognize all buttons as “button 1”

Then, I added the the Device Handler at this link:

Now, this was awesome in that it added the capability for presence AND it would recognize properly which button number I was pressing. Unfortunately, when I went to a SmartApp, it would ask me “which button” and I could say “IRIS”, but it would no longer ask me “which button number”. So the SmartApp would only respond when I pressed button 1. It seems like the device handler is not conveying that there are four buttons.

So in both these scenarios I can’t select each of the four buttons to do something unique.

I’ve tried to repair and recreate the device handler multiple times.