Iris smart fob 3450-L2

Looking to see if anybody has gotten the Iris Key Fob 3450-L2 to work? I can get it connected as a “thing” then change the DTH to the below:

Iris Smart Fob 3450-L DTH

Once I do this it says that I am present (haven’t left the house to test) but it doesn’t register any button presses. With the battery pulled on the fob the device screen in the app keeps updating saying Arrived at (Current Time). I don’t know if it is just a fingerprint issue as I am really new to all this. Any ideas? looks like Iris updated a few of their items:

You will get the quickest and best answer if you ask in the author thread that you already linked to. The author will be automatically notified when new posts are added to that thread, and other people who are using the same code may also be able to help you.


I just figured it out, the model needs to be updated in fingerprint. I will post in that thread.

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Lowes site claims this has a proximity sensor. Did you get that to work?

Haven’t played with smartthings in a while. I plan to install a few things this weekend so I will look again but the proximity never seemed to work for me.

I used spiralman’s version of DTH you referenced in above thread and was able to configure L2 version of fob. I also did install iris-smart-fob-button DTH along with Button controller smartapp and was able to configure diff buttons to trigger Home, Away etc using the Button controller smartapp. Although I did not do anything with iris-smart-fob-button DTH

Need some help from ya. I have spiralman’s DTH for the L2 keyfob loaded and the classic app will find the key fob and add it as an Iris Key Fob, but when using Button Controller smartapp to configure, nothing responds. Any idea what’s going on? Spiralman also had two DTH’s, with one that says trying to get buttons working but the coding shows his namespace. Do we have to add that to our handlers as well?

EDIT: Ok so I checked which fork spiralman used for his dth and then copied that version of mitchpond’s dth and that one worked. So all is good now. And to answer your old question, yes, it only toggles.