SHM disarm for a family member without presence..?

Is there a way to get SHM to disarm and then arm again, without using either a presence sensor or mobile phone as a presence?

The family member will be checking the house for example when away, and when I go I’ll be putting the wired alarm to arm, and also setting SHM as away and into full arm mode.

I don’t really want to give them a presence sensor, or setup their phone. I know it sounds daft but rather not.

So is there any other way anyone has done, or can think of please?


Do you need a solution with or without manual intervention? If you are ok with manual intervention and If you know when they will be checking in on the house you can setup a virtual presence sensor for family members. But this would require you manually enabling and disabling it when you know they will be there. I do this along with a virtual switch and SmartTiles dashboard when we have a babysitter in the house and we leave.

If you need an automated solution than it’s difficult to get away with not having to provide them some device that triggers presence detection. If the reason you don’t want to set them up with mobile presences is because of setting up ST Mobile on there phone you can always look into setting them up with Life360 accounts and you can track their geo location to your home without installing the ST app and giving them view of your ST config.

If presence is completely out and you just need away for them to arm and disarm you can give them a key fob or setup a keypad (iris has one that works with ST) CentraLite Keypads

Thanks for reply…

I won’t know when going no, suppose if did I could run a routine to disarm between a few hours? Only arm through the night or something?

I don’t want to install the ST app as it’s only for an odd time. I’d rather it be auto add well. Never heard of Life360, I’ll Google and look.

I think I’ll have to give a Samsung ST keyfob, and use that then, just I’ve stopped using as want the most reliable I found. I don’t want false alarm and notifications when away for data use and time differences!

I knew it would be difficult, even impossible but thanks

Here is a key fob I used to arm and disarm SHM:

Here is one from LOWE’s IRIS that works to:


I have a Samsung ST presence sensor, is this not the same, or as good as?

Would I just disarm when presence detected, when none then arm? Use a temp routine for this while I’m away?

I was suggesting the key fobs if you don’t want to worry about presence sensors and them not being detected properly etc. With a key fob they would arm and disarm based on a push of a button when they enter the home and re-arm when they leave.

You could give them a presence sensor but sometimes I find they don’t always work and could cause some false or missed triggers etc.

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Do you have a smart lock? If so, you can set a certain code to unlock the door and disarm SHM at the same time. We use this method for the dog sitter when we are on vacation. She does have to wait about 5-10 seconds after unlocking to make sure ST has time to process and disarm SHM before she open the door.

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