[OBSOLETE] Iris Care Pendant 3455L (2nd generation)

UPS delivered a couple of new toys this week. :smiley: First up is the Iris Care Pendant.


Here’s a device type that allows this to be used as a generic button device. Right now there is only support for the “pressed” event. I’ll be adding “held” in the next version.



Obviously this has button capabilities, but what sensor(s) does it have? Could this be used as a presence/arrival sensor?

Sweet, now if they would just make the other button available at Lowes. My Lowes has a bundle that includes it but not just the regular button. I may have to pick up this Care Pendant but was holding out for the other one.

Great work as always!

Its not working for my care fob or my 4 button fob.

I’d try it on a smart button, but those do not seem to want to pair for me, no matter what I try.

I’m not sure, but I think that would require some work on ST’s end (maybe once the official support comes)

I would try resetting the fob and adding it back, after adding and publishing the device type in the IDE of course. It’s not going to work correctly if you manually change the type since it won’t be configured.

What are you currently using the care pendant for? I feel like it’d be useful as an arm/disarm the security system. Could keep it right next to the bed that way you could easily arm the system when you go to sleep and disarm it when you wake up.

For now, it’s set up – via the Button Controller app – to run a routine when pressed. So arming via a routine is definitely doable.

@mitchp, what else did you get?
Seems like this is the only one that’s available for shipping on Lowe’s website.
The square white button one and the 4 button fobs are not available.

I’m working on the square 4-button right now!

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Nice! Did you get it from your local Lowe’s?
Their website says it’s not available for shipping :pensive:

No, there are none of the fobs anywhere near me. I ordered them from the website last week.

It’s possible you just need to add the capability presence sensor to the device type. You could try it and see. :sunglasses:

Yeah, perhaps the better question would be was it designed to be a presence sensor… that is, what sort of battery life would it have if it was away from the hub for an extended time period.

It already says it’s a presence sensor. Adding the capability to the device type is not going to change the battery usage.

There are many different ways to do presence sensors, and I don’t know how Iris does theirs, but SmartThings is really basic. It’s just counts the amount of time since the last check in. There’s no exit event.

Since all Zigbee devices check in occasionally it’s really just going to come down to whether the checks are often enough that SmartThings recognizes it is present.

You can change that parameter in the IDE somewhat, I don’t remember the exact settings.

But I’m pretty sure giving it that capability just tells SmartThings to track the check-in’s. Shouldn’t change the device behavior.

I was wondering if just adding the capability would work. I’ll have to test it out. Not tonight, but probably tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

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Ok, so I tried adding the capability, a tile/state entry for presence to the Smart Fob (which also touts presence capability on the Lowe’s site), and relevant code in parse(), but no dice. Parse never gets a presence message so the state never gets updated. I pulled the batteries overnight: no messages in logging and no state change.

I’ll play around with it a bit more (leaving it on, but taking it to work, etc.), but it’s not looking like it’s that simple. :frowning:

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Understood. It was worth a try. Thanks!

Will this Device type work with the iris single button?

Is that the white button or the red? There’s a device type for the red Care Pendant already. I’ve been trying to get my hands on the white single button, but no luck. I would assume that it’s closer to the 4 button in operation, but I have no idea. If you have one, can you pair it and post the device entry for the “raw description” or the endpoint/cluster listing from the event log?

well I just ordered the kit when I get it in I will pair it and let you know unless you get it before me

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