ST officially support Iris products?

I have bunch of Iris products, contact sensor, keyfob, button, keypad. All of them are using the community DTHs.

But today when checking the email “April SmartThings Partner Update”, I happened to find the Iris page on ST support page. It would be a great news if this is true, but I wonder why ST didn’t mention it in there email update.
Below are the listed devices

Iris Z-Wave Garage Door Controller
Iris Smart Button
Iris Indoor Smart Water Sensor
Iris Smart Fob
Iris Motion Sensor
Iris Contact Sensor

I bought an Iris Smart Button yesterday and set it up using their official instructions. Works like a charm.


Good to hear that, Nathan. Have you tried other Iris products? They are great in quality and price as well.

No, the button is the only Iris product I have.

Thank you, Tyler. So I can confirm Iris is officially supported by ST now.

For the keyfob, the device has presence capability and it works in the community DTH too.

But the official DTH seems not support it yet. Are there any plan to add this function in future?

Yes, we officially support some Iris devices now. We don’t have any plans at this time to add the presence functionality to the Iris Smart Fob.

What is the name of the official device type for the iris button? I am currently using a custom one someone wrote.

I would like to change them over to the official device type.

Is it local processing?


ZigBee Button, and I don’t think it’s updated to run locally yet.

I switched to the zigbee button, but the zigbee button does not seem to show temperature.

Am I doing something wrong?

I migrated from Iris a month ago with multiple devices. I just found none of my devices are directly under Iris’ brand. All my devices work well with ST v2 though.

What would cause the Iris Button to appear in the link the OP provides, but not in the WWST list for Iris? Same for the garage door opener, although it’s a re-brand of the Linear that does show in the WWST list.


Not to be a pain, but what does official support mean for the Iris Smart Button? Should it show temperature?

I have included screenshots, it shows when I use the custom Device Handler it shows temperature. When I change the device handler to zigbee button it does not show temperature.

So what does supported mean? Before this announcement, I was still able to switch the handler to zigbee button and have it work, it did not show temperature. It still does not show temperature.

Custom Device Handler

Built-In Zigbee Device Handler

Adding a device to the WWST site is the last step in a lengthy process for certifying new devices. I think our site team has a bit of a backlog. [quote=“professordave, post:14, topic:83877”]
Not to be a pain, but what does official support mean for the Iris Smart Button? Should it show temperature?

No, this device will not show temperature with the default Device Type Handler. We made the decision to integrate the device using an existing Device Type Handler rather than develop, test and deploy a unique Device Type Handler. I’ll ping the team and see how much of a lift it would be at this point, but it’s unlikely that we’ll get to that soon.

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@Tyler any plans for official support on the Iris Smart Plug?

It’s on our list internally but it’s unlikely that we’ll get to it soon. We also had some issues with the Z-Wave aspect of it, but we’re interested in supporting it as it’s such a unique device.



Thanks for the info!

Wow that’s amazing. Great to see this being done. I was pleasantly surprised to see these sensors are officially supported. I used to have a lot of issues with the Iris Contact sensors but those seem to be gone now!

When would the zigbee button be converted to run local?