[OBSOLETE] Improved UI for Aeon Minimote

Decided to write out an updated Aeon Minimote device handler so I could do testing without having the remote in hand all the time.

I’ve seen great ideas like the one that installs an individual virtual button per button device selected via Virtual Buttons SmartApp, but didn’t feel like having my device list spammed with each button as an additional device.

So I went ahead and upgraded the tiles for the SmartThings Aeon Minimote device handler. Would be cool to get the main Aeon Minimote device handler updated with the UI, but haven’t had time to look through submitting pull requests and requirements/acceptable standards yet.

You’re welcome to check it out at:


Nice! Trying it out on a minimote with only 1 button programmed but it looks pretty good! Icon on the first column overlays the label, but doesn’t bother me too much.


This works beautifully for me, thanks!

This is awesome! Can you add custom descriptions? I’ve created the pref’s to do this, but can’t figure out how to get them implemented via the (1…4) repetition thing?

preferences {
 input("ButtonPress1", "text", title: "Label for Button 1 Press?", required: false, defaultValue: "Button 1 Press", description: "Label for the first button pressed.")  
 input("ButtonHold1", "text", title: "Label for Button 1 Hold?", required: false, defaultValue: "Button 1 Hold", description: "Label for the second button held.")  
 input("ButtonPress2", "text", title: "Label for Button 2 Press?", required: false, defaultValue: "Button 2 Press", description: "Label for the third button pressed.")  
 input("ButtonHold2", "text", title: "Label for Button 2 Hold?", required: false, defaultValue: "Button 2 Hold", description: "Label for the fourth button held.")  
 input("ButtonPress3", "text", title: "Label for Button 3 Press?", required: false, defaultValue: "Button 3 Press", description: "Label for the first button pressed.")  
 input("ButtonHold3", "text", title: "Label for Button 3 Hold?", required: false, defaultValue: "Button 3 Hold", description: "Label for the second button held.")  
 input("ButtonPress4", "text", title: "Label for Button 4 Press?", required: false, defaultValue: "Button 4 Press", description: "Label for the third button pressed.")  
 input("ButtonHold4", "text", title: "Label for Button 4 Hold?", required: false, defaultValue: "Button 4 Hold", description: "Label for the fourth button held.")  

Disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m doing.

That could be added. Just not sure it belongs in the device handler however as it could change depending on what smartapp you use to map the button events to what action.

Since this is the device handler, it’s mainly associated with the buttons themselves, so I thought numbering the buttons appropriately would suffice.


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Good point. I’m still in the “simple mindedness” of a button does a thing. Hadn’t considered being able to use it with variables via RM or something. I see it as a great way for my wife to grab her phone and hit buttons she’s already familiar with when she “misplaces” her minimote.

Nice work, wife and kids approved since they are always taking the minimotes off the velcro and dropping them in their room somewhere…but they never lose their phones!!

(although they all asked what each button did again when looking at app…but you really can’t have enough space to be able to enter text enough to explain “mom lamp” “bed lights” “kids tv” very easily I don’t think. Its interesting they knew what each button did by what they press on the minimote, but when presented in the app in this format they were confused which each did. My psychology background is fascinated by such things)

This is great! I can still use smart apps to program the remote and if I can’t find it, I can still use it!

Great job on this! Now what would be awesome if you took this format and created a smart-app. Then it would be programmable, and controllable all from the same place.


Wow, I love what you did with this. I was wondering if we can’t actually label the individual buttons, maybe a custom tile below, next to the configure button where we can enter what each button press does like a note? It would be a helpful reminder. Maybe the info can be added in the preference section of the device handler.

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I have a functional Remote Controller app at:

It currently only works for light switches and dimmers. Will work to expand it to other devices once I get some time. But I built it to give better controllability over actions. I was annoyed that most apps I saw didn’t have good logic behind dimmer level and power toggle functionality causing weirdness/confusion that I’m sure would make my fiance throw the remote down and never use it again.

I’m not finished with some things I want to standardize, but it works, and well enough to make my fiance happy. You’re welcome to it I guess. I’ll make a post about it once I’m done satisfying my OCD. :slight_smile:

I’m looking into tying the suggested preferences to the button labels right now. Apparently the settings aren’t available the first time the tiles function is called, so they are showing up as null. Doing some trial and error to figure out what’s going on.


Although, I can’t use the buttons on the minimote after using this device handler. The register in the log but do nothing else.

Probably a case of me using my own event value instead of the ones being used standard so far with other smartapps. I guess I should stick to the standards. Will update that once I get this label stuff figured out.

The Label field for the tile gives the option for using ’ instead of ", but that only lets me access the device values, not the settings. Any ideas anyone?

Updated the device handler with custom labels per preferences, and also committed an update to the remote controller smartapp as well.


Awesome. works great.

Very awesome, thank you!

I wonder if labels on the tiles could be set to appear when you shake the phone? :wink:

ok, I snorted out loud at that one.

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Loving this with the custom labeling!

Can someone come up with an update that will help me find my minimote??? :joy:

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Superglue to your hand… :slight_smile: