SOLVED: ADT SmartThings and Aeon Minimote?

A bit of a specific question… Has anyone with the ADT ST setup configured an Aeon Minimote? I’ve got the device added to my “things” but the button controller smartapp is not available when I go to smartapps. Is there different smartapp I can use to configure the minimotes? Cheers!

I’m not sure if there’s anything different about the new ADT system, but we haven’t needed a separate Smartapp for the minimote for about a year. You can just use the “button pressed” option in the official smart lights feature or in a routine or WebCore and the minimote will be listed there as a button device if you are using the stock DTH.

I don’t know if it works with any of the ADT – specific security options, my guess would be not unless you can access them from a routine. But it should work on the home automation side the same way it does with the original hub.

There are still some unofficial Smart apps for the minimote which offer some additional functionality. You can find those on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki in the smart app section under “remotes.”

I’m going to tag a few people who do have the system installed, just in case they have anything more to add.

@jody.albritton @nathan_hyland @Jorge_Rivera @sgr215

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Thanks! Just as I was about to set it up in WebCoRE someone posted a link to the official SmartApp. Got it installed and all is working as it was before moving to the new hub. :slight_smile:

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