[OBSOLETE] Improved UI for Aeon Minimote

Even better! Way to go and thanks!




I’m working with a Minimote using your device handler and remote controller. I keep getting a message to (Please fill out all required fields.)

I intend to use the 4 buttons / holds on two dimmers.
The presses for the 4 buttons would brighten/dim the associated dimmer.
The holds for the 4 buttons would turn on/off the associated dimmer.

No matter how I configure this, I keep getting an error message asking me to fill out all required fields.

So then I went and tested the program by making every button press/hold a toggle for a switch.
I also placed text in the bottom label field. Still same error.

Any idea where I’m going wrong with this setup?

I believe I found the issue and have committed an update to GitHub.

Note: The issue is in the SmartApp, not the Device Handler.

the numButtons setting I added for devices that dont provide this value was set to required before the actual remote device had a chance to be selected in the first place. While selecting a remote with my device handler caused the field to disappear, the required state doesn’t update preventing you from saving your settings.

Let me know if you still encounter errors after updating from GitHub and publishing.


Just threw in everything and works as expected. Thank you for the fast update!

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Just got 3 minimotes and setting up with this smartapp, thanks!

Could you add battery percentage tile?

I think I remember trying to play with battery reporting and didn’t receive anything back from the device. I don’t think it supports it. This also seems to be the consensus from others after a quick search. Glad you like the app!

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in your SmartApp, is there a way to delete the dimmer setting so it only toggles? once I pick dimmer there is no way to deselect it. so it seems to power on and dim at same time

also, I am making one button a panic button on all my minimotes. currently have it turn on all the lights. would also like to have it send text message & maybe play alarm sound. can this be done? can I use another SmartApp to handle same button presses that your smart app handles? another press I would like to arm alarm, possible? thanks!

Add CoRE to your apps and you can set up anything you want for a button press or hold.
There are quiet a few examples for Minimote if you search that thread. I use it for my 4 remotes.


@Kyse, thanks for this handler. I’ve always wished the standard handler had “virtual button” and now they do. I just installed this handler today and it works perfectly.
Question…what does the configure button do?

I believe it sends a programming signal to the minimote button. If you got it working, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. :slight_smile:

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Curious to those who have been active lately in the smart things programming community. Are there any new features Smart Things now provides I need to incorporate into this device handler?

I just installed your DH. Great work. I love it. ST should make it the default.

Thank you for sharing your work!


Works great! Thanks!

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Thanks for this, nice to have!

Hopefully I can get some help, I know enough to be dangerous. I am kind new when it comes to modifying the IDE. I always confuse device Handler vs Smartapp. Here is what I would like to use my minimote for . I simply want to set lights to X perfect and use a long press to torn off so I can assign the few bottons to a few more lights. I Installed the above Minimote device type. What Smartapp am I supposed to be using? I tried following the handler with Kyles Smartapp but IDK what I am doing, Can someone assist me with what handler and app go together? Or, am I on the wrong track?

A Device Handler is basically a device driver that tells the SmartThings hub how to communicate to the device that is connected to it. In this case, it’s the Aeon Minimote. This updated DH provides additional ability to virtually click on the buttons of your remote via the SmartThings app.

But now that you have it installed, you’ll want to program the buttons to do something when pressed or held. This is where Smart apps come into play, these are programs that tell the SmartThings hub what to do when that button is pressed. There may be several types of Smart apps to accomplish what you want done. One excellent app and easy to use app is one that I use called Button Controller + which you can find here:

For more advance capabilities and features, you may want to look at CoRE which is found here:

Hey everyone… TOTALLY new to all of this custom Device Handler and SmartApps stuff… I’m having issues with this specific code and creating a smartapp “From Code.” I’m following a tutorial on this from another thread in the forum and when I go to create the smartapp, I get a “no signature of method” error. Is there something wrong? Am I missing something? I was looking for comments in the code in case there was a specific parameter I needed to configure but I couldn’t find/see anything.

Any help is appreciated. I’d love for a custom device handler/UI for my minimote. I have no idea what this means… I have no coding background, experience, or understanding. Tried googling it and still now helpful information.

Full error message:

No signature of method: script14891072255591942016194.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script14891072255591942016194$_run_closure1) values: [script14891072255591942016194$_run_closure1@30fd5372] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

Thanks in advance!


I believe this is a device type not a smart app. Remove the smart app and create it as a new device type.