Configuring aeon mini mote

I got the firmware updated, and got the minimote found by the hub. But how do I configure what the buttons on the minimote do? I am new to all this, so assume I know nothing (and you will probably be right). But I work in software, so I am capable of understanding. :slight_smile:

You can use Smart Lighting or you can go to Marketplace, SmartApps, scroll to More and install Button Controller.


Thanks, that was a good start. But it only let me set a device to a button. It didn’t let me set anything like on or off, or dim up or dim down.

I don’t know how to make the buttons actually dim up or down, but using the Button Controller, you can assign it to use existing Actions or tell it to turn on/off a light.

For example on mine:
Button 1 - Press - Lamp On 10% (this is a Routine)
Button 1 - HOLD - Lamp Off
Button 2 - Press - Lamp On
Button 2 - HOLD - Lamp Off

Figuring out how to use the buttons for the actual dimmer function would be darn handy in one or two of my use cases.

related question. I have two remotes. I finally got 1 setup. When I went to setup the 2nd, it seemed I had to add another button controller. (When I tried using the same one and configuring it for the 2nd remote, the 1st stopped working) But I don’t seem to be able to name these instances of the button controller. That seems like something I should be able to do if I really have to have two smart apps. (I actually want both to do the same thing). Am I missing something.

And interestingly enough, the off command ramps down, the on command snaps on. I don’t know why, but I would have rather it be the reverse. I am guess it is the lamp module that causes that. GE plug-in smart dimmer 12718

I suggest you use CoRE to program the controller. CoRE is a app that can be installed within Smartthings. It will require some learning to get it to work but it is well worth it because you can use it for many other automations also.

Here is an example of how I programmed my aeon remote.

You might want to take a look at this thread. It has a new and improved UI device handler plus a recommended Button App that you can use (or use CoRE).

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A custom SmartApp called Button Controller + will allow you to have the same setup on multiple remotes:

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I use Button Controller+ for a couple of my minimotes as the app is super simple. However, to get the best out of them, I use CoRE for more ITTT control.

Here’s an example of rules I have for just one of my minimotes.

okay all, thanks for the tips. By the way, do any of you know of any of those apps can instruct the ge plug in dimmer to ramp up? It maybe a limitation of the dimmer. Not sure. Of course if anyone know a better dimmer that can be configured to ramp up, instead of snap on, that would work to. Thanks.